Happy New Year!

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Nothing is gonna keep a sick man down. Have a happy new year everyone! Peace out!


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There goes my celebrations...

... this sucks.

Let it rain, let it rain. let it rain...

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Well, Christmas has left and its only a few more days before a new year begins. It amazing where all the time went in a blink of an eye.

Btw, here what i got during the office Christmas gift Xchange:

1) A hand-made hanging plaque. Rather useless but sweet though. Its the thought that counts...

2) Cars DVD. Heh they know me well. What to buy for a movie freak? A DVD of cos!

3) A Vibrator...

No lah..its actually a USB powered eye massager. No kidding. Its kinda powerful too. Just place it to where its needed and it'll do wonders.

Wait-a-min. That didn't sound right...

Anyway even though i don't celebrate Christmas, it was a rather enjoyable one with a b-day get-together, followed by a KTV at a really sleazy location and ending it off at St James PowerStation. Had to head home early though cos i had to meet up with a long old fren of mine who annually returns home from Germany. Rekindling all the good old fun times we had back during the army days it was a pleasent surprise even after so long, things never change.

Anyway, its 2 days away. i've got some resolution to aim for which i hope to fufill. One of which is to blog every single day, even if i have nothing to talk about. Silly resolution are always fun...sucks the seriousness out of it...Also among others which i shall reveal later.

Its 1:30am now. Gotta go sleep and wake up early to go to work and finish up the magazine while SOMEONE is off to Shanghai to celebrate new year with frens...*turning green...

Merry Christmas everyone!

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...and the nominations are...

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Presenting an array of nominations for the Jan/Feb cover of JetAway, the infligt mag for Jet Star airline. Which will be the triumph? Stay tuned!

MX Vidcast 006 launched!

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Uploading 2 x 60Mb video file up to youtube is no laughing matter when the uploading speed is 4kb/sec.


Anyway, everything is finally running smoothly with the main page fully updated with the new vid onboard and the full press conference up and running at the article page.

Those interested to watch Mr Chow Yun-Fat on tour for his latest film Curse of the Golden Flower, click away below for the motion splendour.

movieXclusive.com - Vidcast 006

TV Junkie

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These past few weeks, i've been more actively involve in watching alot of TV. No, not the crappy shows that we get on our island of ours. I'm talking about those in the States. TV nowadays has become a tool for story-telling and a venue to showcase talents in a longer run, developing characters and plots instead of the run-of-a-mill 2 hrs rush down. Spaning over months every week, it fails to amaze me on how some of these plots unfold and leave us with nail biting cliff-hangers, makoing us wanting for more. But unlike films, where we have to wait years for a sequel, all we have to do is just tune in next week for a conclusion.

I recently finished the 1st season of Prison Break and it left me wanting for more. And now, to my surprise, the dvd set i bought from Amazon, which was stated to arrive on the 6th Dec, was nicely sitting on my desk when i came home.

The 1st Season of X-files and 1st season of OZ (Its a prison drama, not the Dorothy kind...).

I don't think my TV craving will end anytime soon.

Let it be...

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I've got a couple of artwork to be done. Some changes to cover and a cover to settle.

Its almost the festive season and upon weighing the options, i've decided that family comes first. So the hell with the work thats being piled up. I'll worry about that when i come back.

For now, i'll enjoy whats to come.

where do i begin..

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...about a story of a boy who had too much. A world to hold upon that will base the livelyhood of others.

OK fine, its about me.

My partner in creative has announced his departure unexpectedly leaving me what is to become of my work load. Of cos it's quite understandable. Its freaking M*C*. Anything above all a very much well paid company which i could use in this troubled pocket wave of mine. I'm sure his mind is already halfway out of the door when his absence was throughly felt as the pile of work landed at my feet.

And there i stood, alone, holding up the front, with the impending gloom of doom slowly creeped upon me. Whispers of hiring a replaced was soon heard. But hush... Did i hear right? A replacement to cover him to be my boss? Was my stay in the company not been noticed. Was i not deserving enough to handle? Too meek to hold the title? Furious did i feel but would i be happy if i did? To be of a higher rank but the same shit load of work as a normal designer only with more responsibility? Of i'd take. Only if they offered the same pay as of the rank that is. Would they increase my livelyhood i wonder.

As of today, my creative has run dry. Because of the worry? Maybe. Because of the stress? Definately. Slightly pissed off that the guy who has been working longer didnt make the cut. A little.

All i know now is deadlines are near. Little work is done. No help at all. The whole world resting on my shoulder.

Time for some retail thereapy. Hope it helps.


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The much awaited David Fincher's Zodiac finally has a poster emerging.

I. Cant. Wait.

Freeze off

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I'm sitting my ass off in this forsaken office that has become a temporary South pole while i struggle to keep awake in this pre-weekend clause.

Temperature: 20 degrees C.

No kidding.

2 more hours before i finally knock-off but i doubt i'll fully enbrace it cos:

1) I still have an ADs/artwork to do (Not helping when i'm lazing around, lugging my sweetie MB).

2) Keeping in mind i still have a review to write and a whole load of editing to do on the Death Note gala. Its a good thing the interview with Colin and Yen Yen was settled yesterday.

Hoping not to drag myself back to office during the weekend to settle anything, i hope i can finish the office work by today. If not, the hell with it. i'll settle it on monday.

So whats in store for the weekend?
- Film director Kelvin Tong and Roystan Tan seminar at the Library.
- Bake some chocolate chip cookies for the fest.
- Watch/catch-up on movies

That'll do.

Death Note

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Its always good to not know the full story of a movie you're about to watch.

Based on the ever popular Japanese manga Death Note was quite a pleaser with some minor hiccups along the way. But overall, Its pretty good.

Can't wait for the confrontation between Kira and L.

Let the battle of wit begin!

But first, back to reality, i've got to settle the video cast..urgh..its such a hassle to edit. Anyway I'll be editing in imovie on my sweet macbook so it'll be fun exploring this new feature. So now the footage has been downloaded into the system and the music all set. All i need now is the graphic for the opening and additional commentaries to spice the vid up.

Wish me luck.


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Its quite often when you're doing your normal routine and nobody complains/criticize your work, you get kinda eff-ed about it when that singlularity gives a disapproving comment. AS a designer, one must take criticism well and learn from other's perpective and try to improve the relation.

Yeah, yeah...true but you still do feel kinda hurt/mad when critical views are laid out.

Its like someone telling you,"Eh your daughter look quite ugly hor.."

Heart. Pain.

Update lowdowns

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Neglect has overcome this blog again.

"What the hell happen to the HK blog? NOTHING is in there!"

Yeah yeah, hold your horses. i'll update it as soon as i have the time. Looking at the amount of work i have till Dec, i'll end up in the mental hospital if i keep swollowing up all the frustration and vent-up preassure of everyday ventures. 

Right now, the only thing that is keeping me sane is my latest pride and joy,the MacBook. It looks so sweet innocent, i'll be crushed if i ever see a single scratch on it.

PS: HK rocks.

Hong Kong here i come

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Will be away from 28th Sept to 1st Oct to HK.
If the funds do come in as expected, there will be shopping. Or else instant noodles will be it.
I wonder what the fuss is all about smelly beadcurd...

Update* Flying off REALLY soon. Check out my HK blog to read all about it.

My Precious...

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I've been daydreaming about travelling alot these days. Wondering where i'd go to my next destination. Its been a known fact that my dream would be to travel the world and widen my horizon while i still can but doing it alone is mighty lonely. No, i'm not fretting about me being single but to the fact that i suddenly have the urge to just pack and go worries me.

I don't mind the dirty roads, the dusty trails, the muddy walks nor the uncomfortable sleeps. In fact i see these as character builder in the long run. I don't mind the foreign laguages, the unknown meals, the sudden uncounters or the unfavourable situations. As long as my feet can carry me around safely, i shall keep walking.

What does it all mean? Has the travel bug bitten me agian? Was it a sign that i need to run somewhere far from whatever i was running away from? Life's not too bad really, but why the urge? Has the thrist of something new hit me in the face because of the monotonous frequency i've been hearing in my life so far? Have i gotten tired and longed for a change?

All these could be possible really. In this little island of ours, one can only do so much.

So in the meanwhile, i'll do something different. Go agianst the course of my grains and maybe you'll never know, things might not be so bad after all.


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A collection of interesting Vids found in Youtube. Check this post frequently as this playlist will be upadated IF and when there is any interesting video...

Watch Singapore Dreaming at only $6!

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Singapore Dreaming is a poignant, yet darkly humorous story about a typical Singaporean family coming to grips with their aspirations. It weaves a layered and moving tale about a family dealing with loss, ambition and the search for what really matters in life.

Recently, we managed to catch Singapore Dreaming during a surprise screening and we were all swept away by this film. We all agreed that it was the best local film of the year and a film that Singaporean can be truly proud of.

In order to promote and encourage folks to watch this heartwarming local film, Moviexclusive.com is organizing a special screening of Singapore Dreaming on 12 Sep 06 1845hrs at GV Plaza. Tickets are priced at only S$6 per person and for every pair of tickets purchased from us will entitle you to a chance of winning the Singapore Dreaming Poster.

Please click
http://www.moviexclusive.com/showtime/sgd/singaporedreaming.htm for more details on registration and confirmation!

Please note we're not making any profit from this. We are trying to encourage folks to watch one of the better local movies of the year and help the independent local film makers to gain a wider exposure. We hope you will understand and help us support them.

I was at Transformers film set!

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I'm stuck at home feeling sick because of some contagious kid who decided to have a sneezing and coughing cometition in the bus where i, unfortunately, was on. And so what else to do for the time to pass by? Youtube of cos. Definately a sign of deprivation of amateur vids ever since my parent company decided to ban all online video like youtube and google video.

And then i came across this latest news of the production of Transformer. The Micheal Bay one not the cartoon.

...then the vid struck me familiar. Where have i seen that before? Wham! It hit me.


I was at the set of Transformers and i didn't even know it. Damn it. I should have alighted and rushed over to say hi to Micheal Bay or something.

Don't believe me? Here's proof.

So close yet so far...

You just created a monster

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Somehow, the taste of office air has become somehow bitter. Personally, it has become so intense that all the veins are pulling straight stiff whenever boss is around. From my point of view, 1 wrong move and you'll be sent to the firing squad. So don't blame me if he happens to step into office and i don't make eye contact.

And the introduction to the War-Room weekely, isn't going to help either. This so-call ritual would have us bombard each other of every individual's lacking points. One side, you could say it'll help create a more understanding relationship.

"The big companys are all doing this.", says boss. Like he did a survey or something.
I hate it when someone says things like this. Its like a mother saying to her child, "Why can't you be like all the other children and behave?"

A friends of mine said, "Well, you gotta decontruct in order to construct.."


In a small company like mine, this will only lead to disaster.

But perhaps it would be a good thing for me. I'm too much of a nice guy to blow someone off away. But as of the last company meeting, we the creative department was made a total target that caused the delay of the monthly project.

Not a single peep from the guy responsible. Fucking asshole. No wonder i was feeling all uptight ever since then.

No more Mr Niceguy. Everyones gonna get hell from me.

Let go

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A and B were friends for 3 1/2 years and has been keeping close contact, or so it seemed. Its the same storyline you've heard before. A has been keeping a crush on B since then and the only trouble that A has that prevents actually annoucing the emotions is the fact that B is already attached. But the more A sees/meets/talks to B, the more it hurts knowing the fact that A knows that it would only create trouble and be a futile attempt, risking a perfectly good friendship. Sure B could break-up, but there was 1 single reason that would tip the scale. Should A swollow the feelings and keep his flame lit small down in the basment never to be seen by any forever, keeping the outer appearence as a friend or should A just cut the contact as so not to feel the hurt anymore, for which would seem impossible because they are bound to meet/talk somehow.

The answer is quite obvious really.

But then again, its not going to be easy.

Awakening the haitus-again

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Its been 2 weeks since i came back from the states and everyone has asked me how the trip was.

My usual answer: It was great!

And i end it there.

I know it seem kinda selfish. I don't like bragging about it cos theres nothing to brag about anyway. Anyone can travel if they want to and its surprisingly affordable of you know how to plan ahead and keep track of the expenses.

The travel blog which was suppose to be updated during the journey sucked big time, so give me some time for me to fill in the details.

Or i might not. So don't keep your hopes up too high.

So for those who want to know more about my trip, feel free to comment/email/pm/call/sms me. Oh and for those who keep bugging me for pics and vids of my trip, here you go. Click on the icons below for glorious visual treats.

PS: there are more vids coming, but it'll take time. I don't have instant connection with Youtube.

Home Sweaty home

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After 3 nomadic weeks, throtting around in the land of the brave ( read: USA), reality finally sets in and i safely landed back to good-old-singapore.

I need aircon. Bleah.

PS: I so dread the approaching Monday. I wanna go back to the states...hiaz.

Next stop, California, USA

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I may or may not update the blog depending on how much fun i'm having over at the states. If i do and care or bother enough to know whats happening, click the map above.

I missed The Naan...i mean The Nun

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I'm gonna do something alittle different. This time round i'm going cronologically backwards.

After slogging, trying to create the Unarmed Combat piece for MX, (of cos with dinner in bet and alittle tv, pardon me) i managed to finish by 1am. And thus left the review on hold till tomo (read:today). If i had watched The Nun yesterday, i wouldn't have time to finish the work.

I missed The Nun. I was hoping to catch it soon cos i was given the task to review it. How could they have just given us a free pass during the in-season to go review it? Don't they realise that cinemas would only release its runs to free passes till the very end of the run? Or does my free pass have special arrangment? Anyway, bottom line is, i missed the 7pm show i was hoping to catch at TM. All because of the stupid buses.

As i sat miserably at the bus-stop, looking at 2 full-to-the-brim buss pass me by, i keep wondering why don't they increase the frequency of the buses during such heavy demand timing? Its ridiculous. And on normal hours: 30mins - 45mins per bus. No wonder i'm always late to work (Plus me waking up late adds on to the reason but thats another story...). I end up taking a bus in another bus-stop. Surprisingly, this lead to a whole new route i never knew or bothered to try.

Learn something new everyday. If u bother trying that is. It'll surprise you somehow. Try it~

Wanna arm wrestle?

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Last nights event went pretty manageble. I'm never good at being presented on a silver platter for all to see, slapping myself with a smile and pretending to blend into the crowd. Not much ho-ha sirred the atmostsphere except for a few like Kelvin Tong, Cast/crew of Unarmed Combat and others which i have no names to but looked important.

A buffet spread was laid for the hunger deviant which filled half by appetite which consist of finger foods and chocolate dips (whats the terms again? Melted chocolate with strawberries and marshmellows...)

730 came and it was time to head into the theater to the awaited big screening of Unarmed Combat followed by the Q&A session right after. Look out for more indepth writeup of the event and review soon on MovieXclusive.com.

In a nutshell, pretty good effort. Prefered the 2nd half rather then the 1st. Too many time-hopping and slow intro kinda spoiled the broth. On the other hand, good work on the splicing of timeframe to trail the storyline in a non-linear path.

My rare appearence

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My last post was dated way back on the 16th of May and since then, a coule of stuff have happen which were worthy of blogging but i decided to drop it and start a fresh without looking back to the past.

The mag which finally wrapped up its June issue was forcast to arrive tomo. Quite unbeleivable since they've screwed up alot of the scheduling. Will see how they fare on keeping the promise this time.

Later on tonight, Stefan and I will be attending the local film fest held at the National Museum with Unarmed Combat as its 1st showcase. I've had several not-so-encouraging words about the film so i'm actually getting ready to expect the worst. Why are the local film makers turning to arty-farty features? Are they too lazy to come up with something more comprehensive and trying too hard to evolutionize film making in singapore to a higher level?

But a friends told me, someone has to come out the bad stuff to get a good one out. And maybe its true.

Catching up...

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Its been quite a while since an update made appeareance at this site.

Where shall i start?

  • I've bought my 1.8K ticket to SF with Cathay Pacific. Number 1 airline in 2006. Think i made a good choice for a long haul flight.
  • The magazine is suffering from the ripple effect. Ginving way to sales and extending period of selling will only mean total suffering in the long run. I for one will not affected by this. Just as long as i keep the comunication flowing and that they are fully aware of the consequences, i'm happy to be getting the payroll each month even if the company is going down the tube.
  • I am 26 and i'm still single. Help.
  • MX has been a great add-on to my life with gala premieres, movie reviews and event coverage. Its great as it is, but how do we make it an even more established medium? One that can generate revenue and be well known as a source for entertainment in SG. Big views there but i aim to see MX reach that. If only i would get my butt up and go do something about it.
  • Finally unearthed a blog i was deperately looking for. I feel voyeuristic.
  • I'm getting lazier. Is it because of my upcoming California break? Maybe. Is it because of the monotonous regime of work. Maybe.
  • I'm constantly on a look out for more cash-result avenue. Need more cash to enjoy California mah. Will not sell butt...erm..how much is the market price anyway...
  • More to come if anything pops up.

MOS nite-out

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It all started with the apreciation nite at Thumper for Fiat owners which was courtersy of Sylvia who RSVP-ed for 20 pax. Talk about kiasu. Anyway, we didnt hang around for too long and headed to the next destination. We didnt have a clue where to go but had initially thought of MOS but couldn't possibly bring in THAT much in by VIP. Then came along the saviour, a friend of Waynes', who could bring us all in by VIP without the que but the only catch was we had to pay cover charge.

I was just happy to even step in.

Don't laugh but this was my virgin visit and i must say, its quite impressive. With its humongous premesis, i wonder how a drunk would find his way out. With the big ho-ha about the club, i must say, i does reach much of my expectation. Music was great, eventhough i wasn't really into trance but the guest DJ was awesome. Anything that would make me move (with a little help of drinks..) is on an A list for me.

Damn, my clubbing urge has resurfaced...

Dawn of a new era

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22nd April 2006,
My beloved monitor spluttered its last visuals and slipped into a deep sleep, never to be awaken agian. No matter how much i tried, switching it off, letting it rest and cooling off or shaking it vigorously to revive it like a caveman that i am, it wouldn't wake up and thus decided to call it.

Time of death: 10:30pm


23rd April 2006,
Franticly went Sim Lim and got hold of this baby.


I've always had a negetive view of LDC screen monitors but with this, it blew me off.

But now i'm 350 bucks short in my California funds.

California, here i come

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Its finally approved. Boss has sign my official leave form for my 3 weeks backpacking trip with Jeremy to Sunny California. Damn i'm hyped for this. Now my only worry is the expenses. Currently i'm reserving as much as possible and hopefully i'll have 3-4 K to spend (flight included).

I wonder

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Some might know where this is from. What i wonder is, if the numbers are true. I mean, does it count solely in this outlet or all the outlets in Singapore? If its the latter, who consolidates the numbers and updates them?

Damien Rice LIVE

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All thanks to a date gone wrong and me being the 2nd hand companion as not to waste the tickets, i managed to catch Damien Rice Live at Suntec Theater. For all those who don't know who he is, he's the guy behind songs like, Canonball, Delicate (...the song that was playing on hurley's cd player when it ran out of batteries on the hit tv drama, Lost) and of cos the famous Blower's Daughter (Song used in the movie Closer). Its funny how you've been listening to certain songs over and over agian in your mp3-player and when u finally hear it live, its just sounds different, more dynamic with the accoustic resounding echo through the hall. As what my friend told me, the fun part of a concert is actually hearing the stories behind the song, which can be absolutely related to one's life or be completely blown away on its simplicity and dumb reasons for making a song, which works for some.

My camera sucks. Nuf said. it's too dark to see anything but enjoy the music yah? and yes it THAT short. I'm not gonna waste my entire duration filming it. I'm there to enjoy the concert, NOT to deliver entertianment to u...

Throughout the musical spread, i kept wondering why a certain song wasn't played. I mean, it's his mega hit. Then it dawn onto me that he left it out for a reason. Finally, nearing to the end, after thanking his crew and those involved in his showcase, he wrapped it up by slipping in a finale which made the crowd cheered with relieve and gladness. Blower's Daughter, sung with a "Radiohead twist", it ended the concert rather nicely and left me with a smile, knowning i would come back for more.

So thanks agian for tagging me along with you to the concert...and no, i shall not consider that as a birthday gift...

Singapore Ga-Ga-h?

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Singapore Gaga has receive a bundle of raves from all directions especially commenting on how rich it shows the culture and essence of Singapore. Comments of her see-ing a side of Singapore not many see.

I, for one, didn't really see all the hype and fuss.

I mean, its not that its a really bad documentry but it all seemed sparodic without a storyline with just snippets of Singapore life through the eyes of the director. I'm sure there's a theme. i just can't pin point it out.

A random thought

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What if we lived underwater. Would our pet goldfish swim and hang around us like dogs and cats or would they just swim away into the "wild"?

Heaven can wait...

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...and so it is...

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A call at the stroke of midnight.

A friendly greeting of sms.

A mango cake at the end of the day with a candle on top.

A movie on the house.

I wouldn't have asked for more. A big thank you to all.


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Whoever thought of getting a birthday person to pick up the tab or treat the rest of the group to a meal/drink is totally an ass. What kind of moron would ever think of this sadened tradition of celebration? I mean its the person's birthday for goodness sake, give me a break. It should be the other way round. Would it be merrier if i were to pay for your kindness and plastic congratulations? Shouldn't it matter that what counts are the people who truely loves you and gives a shit and makes time and way to do something special for you? Has the world changed so pathetically drastic that you have to give something to get happiness?

Dodgeball, John Woo style

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While i was doing some housekeeping in my PC, i came across this poem/writing i wrote ages ago while i was in the army. And since i'm in an "open book" mode, thought i'd share it out.

Presenting my 1st public writing.

first there is
a little too much
of everything
unable to carry the burden
unable to see far
unable to cope
unable but ambitious
and ambitious did i strive
a fuel for the drive
a drive into simplicity
simple yet consuming
but that aside
clearing the road ahead
carrying the lighted bulb for everyone to see
simple yet weary
sticking to one row
one step, one way at a time
one mind did i strive
strive not for the sake of many
but for the fuel of my drive.

The Simpsons LIVE

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I was wondering WHEN anyone would do a live version of The Simpsons intro.
Freakin rocks.

Lido wayang poster

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Along the alley of Lido towards the cinema hall, how many of you have noticed this painted movie poster of the past?
While waiting for Peiyu from the ladies after watching Constant Gardener, i happen to look up and noticed the visual.

What a hoot.

Oscar result

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I don't think i have to update you of the result to the Oscars.
Certainly, there were pleasent predictions and some shocking winnings.
As you can see from the pic, you can figure out who won the bet.

Lost 5 bucks.

Till next year. Counting on winning it back.

Oscars bet

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Thanks to Richard, he has graciously open his home to us to watch the 78th Oscar live on his telly. And to spice things up, we've decided on a betting round up, so here's my prediction/betting:

Best picture
Brokeback Mountain

Best director
Ang Lee - Brokeback Mountain

Best actor
Philip Seymour Hoffman - Capote

Best actress
Felicity Huffman - Transamerica

Best supporting actress
Michelle Williams - Brokeback Mountain

Best supporting actor
Jake Gyllenhaal - Brokeback Mountain

Best animated feature film
Wallace and Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit

Best adapted screenplay
Brokeback Mountain

Best original screenplay

Best music (score)
Brokeback Mountain

Best music (song)
Travelin' Thru - Transamerica

Best visual effects
King Kong

Best cinematography
Brokeback Mountain

Best art direction
Pride and Prejudice

Best costume design
Memoirs of a Geisha

Best make-up
Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

Best sound mixing
King Kong

Sound editing
King Kong

Best film editing

All the best to the rest of yer.~

Channel 5 Movie Marathon

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Yes, thanks to Richard, i was his partner in crime in this ever 1st Channel 5 Movie Marathon.
It all happen in the wee early morning of the 4th of March, Saturday. Looking at the schedule, 5 movie straight, namely, Brokeback Mountian, Capote, Walk the Line, Munich and Transamerica, its going to be a hell of a challenge where i'm going to prove myself that i'm capable to going through it. The 5 mins break in between and only 1/2hr of lunch and dinner break makes it even more challenging. From 9am till 10pm, our butts stuck to our seats through the grueling heavy content of the movies. Some unfortunately left for thier own reasons. but a majority held on and made it through the final movie. And as a reward, goodie bags were given out to the survivors which consist of the items below:

> Channel 5 Movie Marathon flag
> CSI mini crime scene tape
> Tansamerica keychain
> Walk the line postcard
> Desperate Housewife decal
> Davinci Code book mark
> Real:the movie notebook
> PS. I love you notepad
> Channel 5 : Lost ID necklace holder
...and the best bits, 4 original, double sided posters of...
Finally reached home by 11 plus and knocked out into dream state.

Funny thing was, on the way back home, i felt like watching another movie....

Tainted Flowers

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Congratulations to Shaiful (massb) for his production of Tainted Flowers that took place on the 3rd of March 06. Kudos to Yazid with his bad-boy image portrayal and Yihan for his child like innocence. They both actually stole the lime light in my oppinion.

Simple but yet effective in execution. If i were to pick out the weakest link among the actors, it has to be the role of the father. It needed more substance and meaning to his behaviour and role in the family.

Aside from several malfunction of sound in the music department, and the dissapearing grave, the grand plot of the 'nemesis' that was alittle far fetch and a twist that was alittle expected, the stage play was a success.

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