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Posted by Lokman Salikoon


Posted by Lokman Salikoon

While i was doing some housekeeping in my PC, i came across this poem/writing i wrote ages ago while i was in the army. And since i'm in an "open book" mode, thought i'd share it out.

Presenting my 1st public writing.

first there is
a little too much
of everything
unable to carry the burden
unable to see far
unable to cope
unable but ambitious
and ambitious did i strive
a fuel for the drive
a drive into simplicity
simple yet consuming
but that aside
clearing the road ahead
carrying the lighted bulb for everyone to see
simple yet weary
sticking to one row
one step, one way at a time
one mind did i strive
strive not for the sake of many
but for the fuel of my drive.

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