Breaking a record

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

This month was the ever longest i have ever stayed back at work to close the magazine in order to rush it out for to the rack before/by the Dreamcars Asia Motorshow 05'.

The record: 40Hrs of hardcore designing with no sleep in between. (doesn't include nodding off)

I didn't know i could survive, stay awake, and still do work, that long. This just shows how much i don't know what my body are capable of. But of cos all for the wrong reason. By the end of my perseverance, my mind and body was a completely numb. Surprisingly, i felt no tiredness and felt normal, that is untill i close my eyes and *bang i fall into a deep sleep.

Apparently even with 12hrs of sleep, i still feel traces of fatigue, but but certainly refresh no doubt.

Still haven't watched Hitchhiker and just when i thought of catching it later today, i found out that it had ended it run in the cinemas. Dang~

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