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Posted by Lokman Salikoon

(Actual sunset view from my bunk. Awesome huh?)

Off with the green! While serving the stench of sweat and grime, it occured to me of all those memories way back during the active days. And so here i am agian at the steps of yet another phase gone. Having just ended my 2nd ICT, it just feels like days back before ORD. The mad rush to hand over stores, guns and settling admin matters. Finally, 2 weeks of training ends.

My attempt on IPPT miserably smack me in the face of how physically untrained i was. But hey, at least i attempted and completed it.


It was pretty much a relax pace during the first week with all the admin and technical matters to settle. Right after the weekend, on a weary sunday night, preps for the 3d/2n outfield excercise was on the way and off we went to our "playgrounds" around Singapore.

For a monsoon season, the sun ws beat down on us for the entire duration of our training, while working on our deployments. Somebody up there must have a sense of humour cos, it finally rained the next day we came back to camp, AFTER we had settled cleaning our stores and guns.

Saying goodbyes as we outprocessed yesterday, feelings of disconnected wasn't as bad as i thought cos we'll be meeting agian pretty soon.

Forcast: End of June 06: ICT 3 - ATP

Till next time, Gun 4, out.

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