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New Add-ons!

Now you can enjoy my daily dose of online comic strips to soothen those tense day away.

Look out for it at the side bar ->


Circle of trust

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Yes, at last, i have finally joined in the circle of trust.
I am officially a premium membership holder.
..alright man..a whole load of dvds for me to check out! Woohoo~
But unfortunately, MOST of the dvds on display are oldies and classics.
Guess it's a good time to catch up.

War of the rentals

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

I'm on a movie frenzy here, all hyped up to reach that 175 dvd status. But to do that, i'll need the help of dvds. Buying them will be out of the question. So rental it will be.

But which one? Lets do some research:

1) CINENOW - Dvd kiosk

24hrs - $4.50 | 18hrs - $3.50 | 6hrs - $2.00/$2.50(new realease)

Yee Tee, Jurong East, Clementi, Hougang, Toa Payoh, Boo Keng, Bedok & Tampines

15% discount every Wed.

2) Play! - Dvd kiosk

24hrs - $4.50(New release) | 48hrs - $4.50(others)

Tampines Mall, Toa Payoh Hub, Tiong Bahru Plaza, North Point, Seng Kang MRT>, Woodlands Civic Center, Jurong Point, West Mall

$3.95 every Wed on all dvd except new releases.

3) 7frames - Online/store

48hrs - $5.00(New release) | 48hrs - $4.00(others)
Delivery/collection charges of S$3 each way.

Rental days:
1 Title = 2 Days
2 Titles = 3 Days
3 Titles = 5 Days
4/5 Titles = 7 Days

20 Eastwood Road, Eastwood Centre

4) HollywoodClicks! - Online

Per Month basis plan >
2 DVDs at-a-time - $28 plus GST
3 DVDs at-a-time - $35 plus GST
5 DVDs at-a-time - $59 plus GST
8 DVDs at-a-time - $89 plus GST

Your PC/Mac

Free 14 days trial.

5) Homepal - Online

Per Month basis plan >
1 DVDs at-a-time - $21.95
2 DVDs at-a-time - $27.95
3 DVDs at-a-time - $34.95
4 DVDs at-a-time - $43.95
5 DVDs at-a-time - $52.95

Your PC/Mac

Free 14 days trial.

6) Video Ezy - Store

Have yet to find out. Stay tuned...

7) Library@Esplanade - On location

$21 per year - 4 dvd (max) per week


Don't expect new titles. Best for classics/series/past movies.

It all boils down to choices, the size of your pocket and how frequent you watch dvds.
Online, unlimited rentals might lure you into thinking of getting more dvds to watch but think about it. The amount of time for it to travel to and fro will take 1 working day each way. That would mean you have 15/30 days of movie days per month. Personally, it's not really worth the effort and cost.

Convieniece is most definately an importance part too, cos, who wants to travel out of the way just to rent a dvd for a day.

So, it all boils to a decision: Get new releases (or slightly older titles) at Play! and older classics/series at Library@Esplanade.

Since signing up is free for Play!, it should be a breeze. Furthurmore, it's REALLY near my place. I could just rent/return the dvds in the morning on the way to/from work. Works perfectly. Oh and will be signing up the dvd membership at the library this weekend. Hopefully.

Lazy sunday

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Guess i failed in probability.

I owe myself a rest during the weekend and decided not to go to work. I'll let tomorrow worry tomorrow. Really dreading whats to come, but, hell with it. I can only do so much.

Oh, that means not going to the library@esplanade too. Guess that'll have to wait.

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