Definately NOT a crasher.

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

With compliments from our head of movieXclusive for doing a good job for The Maid review and article write-up, a pair of complimentary tickets were awarded to us. Amidst my bz schedule of my magazine ( which will be freaking late next month..sigh..) i took off during my lunch time yesterday to meet-up with Richard for the movie.

What a hilarious flick. A must watch. Sad to say, towards the end it did kinda spirl down abit with its lovey dovey wrap-up, but as a whole, thumbs up!

Anyway, after the movie, we headed down to Queensway Shopping center to collect the polo. Lo and behold, the end result was pretty not met up with expectation. There were some shoddy stitchings and questionable positioning of logo in frame with the polo. Furthurmore, a portion of the logo that we clearly imformed not to put, was seen stitched. We were shocked to see it there. We requested them to remove the slogan of the entire lot and it be collected by next week. With that, as we left the shop, i can clearly see his dissapointed look on his face. Little did richard know that, he actually called me up to say that it was not a good idea to remove the stitches as it was too small and it'll just create an unsightly hole. He even requested if i could close one eye and buy the lot at a lower price.

"Hey, i'm not going to accept shoddy work here. Its not about the price but of workmanship brudder.."

I told told him instead to redo the whole lot:
1) Remove the slogan.
2) Shift the logo an inch down.
3) Not to do a rush job.

Lets see the result next week yah?

A new chapter in life

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Its rarely you see me with a different phone everytime. It was only recently that i was forced to because the T610 i was holding on to, was begining to wear out. Software was slow. The novelty camera which was so cool back then is now pathetic.
Then the challenging part came. i have only 100 bucks to spend (see savings for Australia trip). And so after much thought, i've settled with this beauty. Has the basic fuctions, 1.3 Mp camera. storage for MP3s and other usual stuff. Pretty slim for a clamshell phone (with the exception of a Motorola V3 that is). Overall, i think i like it.


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