Posted by Lokman Salikoon

The much awaited David Fincher's Zodiac finally has a poster emerging.

I. Cant. Wait.

Freeze off

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

I'm sitting my ass off in this forsaken office that has become a temporary South pole while i struggle to keep awake in this pre-weekend clause.

Temperature: 20 degrees C.

No kidding.

2 more hours before i finally knock-off but i doubt i'll fully enbrace it cos:

1) I still have an ADs/artwork to do (Not helping when i'm lazing around, lugging my sweetie MB).

2) Keeping in mind i still have a review to write and a whole load of editing to do on the Death Note gala. Its a good thing the interview with Colin and Yen Yen was settled yesterday.

Hoping not to drag myself back to office during the weekend to settle anything, i hope i can finish the office work by today. If not, the hell with it. i'll settle it on monday.

So whats in store for the weekend?
- Film director Kelvin Tong and Roystan Tan seminar at the Library.
- Bake some chocolate chip cookies for the fest.
- Watch/catch-up on movies

That'll do.

Death Note

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Its always good to not know the full story of a movie you're about to watch.

Based on the ever popular Japanese manga Death Note was quite a pleaser with some minor hiccups along the way. But overall, Its pretty good.

Can't wait for the confrontation between Kira and L.

Let the battle of wit begin!

But first, back to reality, i've got to settle the video cast..urgh..its such a hassle to edit. Anyway I'll be editing in imovie on my sweet macbook so it'll be fun exploring this new feature. So now the footage has been downloaded into the system and the music all set. All i need now is the graphic for the opening and additional commentaries to spice the vid up.

Wish me luck.


Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Its quite often when you're doing your normal routine and nobody complains/criticize your work, you get kinda eff-ed about it when that singlularity gives a disapproving comment. AS a designer, one must take criticism well and learn from other's perpective and try to improve the relation.

Yeah, yeah...true but you still do feel kinda hurt/mad when critical views are laid out.

Its like someone telling you,"Eh your daughter look quite ugly hor.."

Heart. Pain.

Update lowdowns

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Neglect has overcome this blog again.

"What the hell happen to the HK blog? NOTHING is in there!"

Yeah yeah, hold your horses. i'll update it as soon as i have the time. Looking at the amount of work i have till Dec, i'll end up in the mental hospital if i keep swollowing up all the frustration and vent-up preassure of everyday ventures. 

Right now, the only thing that is keeping me sane is my latest pride and joy,the MacBook. It looks so sweet innocent, i'll be crushed if i ever see a single scratch on it.

PS: HK rocks.

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