Freeze off

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

I'm sitting my ass off in this forsaken office that has become a temporary South pole while i struggle to keep awake in this pre-weekend clause.

Temperature: 20 degrees C.

No kidding.

2 more hours before i finally knock-off but i doubt i'll fully enbrace it cos:

1) I still have an ADs/artwork to do (Not helping when i'm lazing around, lugging my sweetie MB).

2) Keeping in mind i still have a review to write and a whole load of editing to do on the Death Note gala. Its a good thing the interview with Colin and Yen Yen was settled yesterday.

Hoping not to drag myself back to office during the weekend to settle anything, i hope i can finish the office work by today. If not, the hell with it. i'll settle it on monday.

So whats in store for the weekend?
- Film director Kelvin Tong and Roystan Tan seminar at the Library.
- Bake some chocolate chip cookies for the fest.
- Watch/catch-up on movies

That'll do.


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