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Had the previlege to preview Frank Miller's 300, way before the US release.

What's my take on the film?
Lets just say i wanna get the dvd asap...


Children of Men

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I had the privilege to watch Children of Men (by other means of cos, thanks to the distributor backing out its run in Singapore).

In 2027, in a chaotic world in which humans can no longer procreate, a former activist agrees to help transport a miraculously pregnant woman to a sanctuary at sea, where her child's birth may help scientists save the future of humankind.

I absolutely love the show. Especially the art directing and cinematography. Weaving through the war-torn urban decay, the setting was perfect. And i might just be tempted into buying the dvd JUST to watch the special features. Extended shots (shots that were filmed with no cuts for a very long period) are quite a rarity in film nowadays like the opening scene of Snake Eyes. Then Children of men came along. One must point out the technical miracle especially in the two most intense scene where they were ambushed and the final act where they were running through the urban jungle amidst the gun battle spectacle. Scenes like the latter lasted 9 minutes with no cuts and seeing chaos at every corner is such an awe to watch, even on repeated mode.


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I'm a suckre for horror flicks. Even when it sucks. But this looks good. Its like a cross between Psycho and The Hills Have Eyes.



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Sorry that it's been a long time since this blog got updated. So many this had happened (nothing earth shattering but it occupies my life anyway) but i was too lazy to report. Had been busy with the magazine the past month as we were backed down to churn out 4 mags (read: 2 mags each) for the march issue. This has been quite a problem which i would say will face every alternate month which i hope the management would dabble into trying to help ease our misery. Getting interns aren't gonna help as they usually dissapear after 2 months. 2 Months. Why are internships so damn short? What useful things can one learn out of 2 months anyway?

Anyway it's been a struggle the past few weeks and made it through, yet agian as always. and guess what? I'm in my 2nd year of working under the company. Yeah 2 bloody years. Its been THAT long and i am still surviving. And after all the hard work, i do deserve a break which i already planned.

Hong Kong.

Yeah i've been there on a company trip but this time its on my own to cover the Hong Kong International Film Festival. Well not just me alone but with 2 other amigos for 2 weeks. That quite long for a small island.

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