Project RM : Phase 1

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Steps of Phase 1:

Convert all music cd into iTunes.
Q > What do do with the CD albums? Can i donate them somewhere? or just chuck them down the chute?

Get rid of junk!
That's gonna take ages...

Books galore dump
Same Q as for the CD albums, is there a place where i can donate my books to?

Project RM (Room Makeover)

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

That's right.

I am sick of the mess I'm sleeping in. All the unwanted, old stuff around and living in it for the past eon years, its time for an intervention.

I'm getting rid of all my junk and start anew and shall plan as so:

Phase 1: Junking
Phase 2: De-dust
Phase 3: Hue Overcoat
Phase 4: Household Property Recruitment

And his starts this weekend.

I Love Trash

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

A film by David Brown. "I Love Trash" is a documentary about dumpster diving. Two friends decide to do an experiment in trash. They rent an unfurnished apartment and arrive with only the clothes they are wearing and a flashlight. They decide not to buy any things for 3 months and instead to find all their needs in the trash. They furnish their apartment lavishly. They eat decadently. They dress sharp, and create beautiful art, all from the trash.

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