Let it be...

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

I've got a couple of artwork to be done. Some changes to cover and a cover to settle.

Its almost the festive season and upon weighing the options, i've decided that family comes first. So the hell with the work thats being piled up. I'll worry about that when i come back.

For now, i'll enjoy whats to come.

where do i begin..

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

...about a story of a boy who had too much. A world to hold upon that will base the livelyhood of others.

OK fine, its about me.

My partner in creative has announced his departure unexpectedly leaving me what is to become of my work load. Of cos it's quite understandable. Its freaking M*C*. Anything above all a very much well paid company which i could use in this troubled pocket wave of mine. I'm sure his mind is already halfway out of the door when his absence was throughly felt as the pile of work landed at my feet.

And there i stood, alone, holding up the front, with the impending gloom of doom slowly creeped upon me. Whispers of hiring a replaced was soon heard. But hush... Did i hear right? A replacement to cover him to be my boss? Was my stay in the company not been noticed. Was i not deserving enough to handle? Too meek to hold the title? Furious did i feel but would i be happy if i did? To be of a higher rank but the same shit load of work as a normal designer only with more responsibility? Of i'd take. Only if they offered the same pay as of the rank that is. Would they increase my livelyhood i wonder.

As of today, my creative has run dry. Because of the worry? Maybe. Because of the stress? Definately. Slightly pissed off that the guy who has been working longer didnt make the cut. A little.

All i know now is deadlines are near. Little work is done. No help at all. The whole world resting on my shoulder.

Time for some retail thereapy. Hope it helps.

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