Screwed up

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Blogger is currently screwing my blogspot admin.

I currently can't:
1) Edit previous post.
2) Upload pics

On top of that, the admin page has the layout all distorted.



As of 13th January, my blog FINALLY went its originated course. Apparently, they were finalising the migration of my blogger to the new non-beta system.


Dance with me

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Skipped a few days of blogging because i had to rush off Mx's latest video cast. Interested in watching them? Click the picture above to view the glory.

That's one job off my back. I've still got a book review and 2 upcoming movie reviews to pen. Half Nelson and The Illusionist, having the latter snatched from Richard, i hope it's worth it.

Speaking of books, i had just finished a graphic novel, Pride of Bagdad, which i bought for Richard for his birthday. He was rather gushing at me on how great it was, so i had to see it for myself. True enough, it's one of the most emotional illustration i have ever read. The ending just had me almost to tears. If you haven't read it, do yourself a favour and borrow it or buy it even.

Lazy sunday

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Its a really lazy sunday today, i've managed to import all the vid from the Francis Ng interview and gala event. I've somehow planned the storyboard. But i've yet to get a background music for it.

Any ideas?

Anyway, i've also finish reading the graphic novel 300 by Frank Millerto review. Awesome action battle sequence but as a whole, i felt alittle cheated. It threw me in a middle of the story and ended where it shouldn't have, making me wanting for more. But its not gonna stop me from not catching it on the big screen. Beautifuully landscaped. If its any indication of a complete copy, then it'll really turn up beautifully.

I've yet to read the gift i got for Richard, Pride of Bagdad, but from the snippets i saw/read, loks pretty good~ Can't wait to read it.

So i guess, i'll finish up the vidcast by tomorrow night. Uploading is a pain so it'll probably be up on the site by tues.

~Yeah thats my aim.

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