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OK, i haven't been updating much. Much? How about rarely? 3 weeks isn't considered rarely. Well it is to ME. Thats your problem. Well, if its my problem, it yours as well. Whatever man..lets just begin the list. I WAS untill someone interupted me. Oh and now its my fault? No, its the guy standing behind you. There isn't anybody there. That was a sarcasm. Oh, being a wise guy huh?? Just shut up and move on. Fine.

18th Sept - F1 Powerboat World Champion

Was assigned by my editor to take photos of the F1 Powerboat race at Marina. What can i say, it was hot, restless, muddy, rainy at times and somewhat exciting when the race started. Have to admit, the accidents are the fun bits.

19th Sept - Closing of Heritage Magazines

We managed to FINALLY finish both mag on schedule (but at the expenses of low incoming revenue..). With tougue-n-cheek wittiness that the creative dept posess, we scribbled up an announcement for everyone. Too bad it was left unnoticed.

20th Sept - Tennis lessons

Finally, after much struggle of arguments, we finally agreed and signed up for our tennis lessons. The racket which was solely used to collect dust has finally been made to full use of its potential.
Unfortunately, halfway through the lesson, lightning decided to pay a visit and off we ran. Bleah.

21th Sept - The Myth free screening

News of which the movie totally tanked spread around. I had just got to catch it to see how bad it was. Good thing the tics were free. Its quite an amazement that you see contest giving away free tickets all around. Guess they knew how bad it was. Anyway, my opinion, it wasn't that bad, but it was nothing to brag about.

22th Sept - Opening of 2nd Malaysian Film Fest

It was a small event, with all the Malaysian film industry ppl, management and yes the President himself, along with his wife, graced the occasion. Surprising fact: The president has lesser security then Jackie Chan. Serious.
Oh btw, i got to shake hands with the president. Woohoo!~
..but the only regret was not asking that girl from SEPET for a pic..with me..darn it, she's so cute!

Anwyay, you can read more of the event by clicking here.

23th Sept - Bowling with MX

Circumstances changed when the meeting for the MX crew was cancelled due to confusion of appointments of the "top management". Instead, we decided to still go ahead to meet up. Our plan: Dinner at Carl's Jr and Bowling at Marina. Burgers as big as your face as they say. There's nothing to shout about anyway. With the prise they slap on the menu, i would think Mcdonalds too can make such sizes. Anyway bowling was fun. Hadn't touch a bowling ball sice the army days.

24th Sept - Launch Party of SNAG mag

Having our reviews printed on a magazine is just another step ahead for us and we were cordially invited to the launch of a new man's mag SNAG. Held at Aquadisiac, Indochine, Marina Sq, the event started out with a bang with models of the magazine strutting thier catwalks like a pagent beauty contest. Live music came on and somehow the launch didn't feel satisfied. Had expected more.

You can read more of the event by clicking here.

28th Sept - MX outing for Cinderella Man

Boxing was the theme and man...although it was a long movie, it felt just right and the action in the ring was superb! I felt like throwing myself a punch or two at the opponent.
Rating: A
A must watch!

30th Sept - MX outing for Corpse Bride

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. Enough said. I'm there. ..and here i am. Watching it full digital pleasure at Eng Wah Suntec, the animation was beautiful and elegently set-up. Some complained about how the character didn't develope and that the story was alittle shallow. I say, the hell with you, its an animation, how deep do u want it anyway.
Anyway i loved it and it ended prefectly.
Rating: A

5th Oct - Skeleton Key preview

My last review before i embark on my magazine production. Sigh. Anyway, pretty good stuff here. Finally something thats not a remake. Damn Hollywood.

You can read my review by clicking here.

If you don't see it, that means my webmaster hasn't updted the page yet, so hang on!

6th Oct - Singaporean Gigolo event @ Gotham Penthouse

In conjuction with Deuce Bigalow sequel, a bunch of corporate company held the Singapore Gigolo party at the Gotham Penthouse, Clark Quey. It was a raunchy event with men and women scantly clothed, showning off thier booties and all. No wonder it was an M18 Event!

Look out for the detailed write-up of the event at movieXclusive.com

8th Oct - Taegukgi - Tin Case, 3Disc digipak, Photobook, Postcard

What a surprise it was when this package came. Recently, i bought Taeguki dvd box set from Korea which consist of 3 disc pack, photobook and postcard. I've always wanted to buy this movie and almost bought one at the local stores, but behold! I laid my eyes on this beauty and i told myself, i've got to get a hold of this. And finally it has arrived.

Its so totally cool.

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