Happy Birthday Press Conference

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Its a good thing stuff at work were done by thursday. My mag was successfully delivered on schedule which made a clearing for Jingle Ma's latest feature, Happy Birthday staring Louis Koo and Rene Liu, press conference where all three graced the event.

Thanks to Shaw, we managed to clinch interviews with all three, which you can view at moviexclusive.com soon. Jingle, as happy as always. Rene, as beautiful and petite as protrayed and Louis as cool and suave as hoped.

Oh and continuing with my goal of to be photographed with the stars instead, here's me with Louis and Rene ~yay~

A new film studio in SG?

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

I didn't realise that, right in my work building is a film company. Just look at tenant number 19. Oh wait-a-min... Holyword Studio? That's not a film company..Hey, wat a rip-off...


Posted by Lokman Salikoon

I don't know how long this site will last but this site provides online viewing of movies, tv shows cartoons, you name it. Missed a show? Head on down a watch them at its glory right at your comfort of your home.

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