Of seafood and beer

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Right by the beach of Pasir Ris lies a peaceful, quiet relaxing, awesome placeto hang out. Fisherman's Village is the name and not many know of it's existance. Even to those who have been living in the east.

Nothing soothens a hard day like hanging out with friends along with food galore, especially seafood, with barrels of beer afloat.

And what good friends then no other then my good old were-bull Chen.
Back from Germany during his study break, he sneakily came back to our shores and surprised us with his arrival.

Surprisingly, i unofficially became his PR and tried the gather as many knowns for a meet-up. I hate doing that. Do you know how troublesome it is to schedule a meet-up to suit EVERYONE.

"Oh sorry i have a date on that day."
"Yeah sure, but i have something on at noon"
"No prob, but i'm meeting my friends in the evening."
"Thats great. i'll call you when i finish my meet-up with my friends in the morning."


In fact, in the end, i decided, the hell with them who couldn't come along and planned an outing anyway.

Group 1 to the Fisherman's Village for dinner and beer and Group 2 to Boat Quay to Eng's pub to hang out a little and ..yes..more beer.

What a bunch of baboons. It was fun.

The one who didn't get to be bond and The Hair

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

The return of Jennifer Anniston to the big screen in Derailed gave me mix feeling. I wondered if i will ever will shake off her persona as Racheal in Friends cos I could swear that every reaction she gave, gave away wat there is to come.

Anyway, a not-too-bad of a movie but non too fancifull. My only mention is that the ending should have ended earlier. (i'm a sucker for open endings..)

Ratings: 3/5

LSRS Production: Coming soon

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

After our Fly-BY-Night competition that happened a few weeks ago, we realise that we had so much fun doing it that we decided to greenlight yet another short film. Infact, this very moment, the script is in its final phrase and should be starting our principal shoot in January.

I'm hyped!

Check out our teaser poster.

Loser Version

Bully Version


Posted by Lokman Salikoon

T'was the day after christmas, all the commotion and buzz of the holiday chain finally took its toll. Its time to rest and relax. Headed down to Hideaki's place with Jeremy to unwind by his pool side. The 1st dip was almost hypothemic but gradually warmed up after a few laps.

I still suck at swimming.

Then the guys had the audacity to suggested alittle tanning before heading to the steam room. I'm already dark enough from the sun burn during the ICT.

Hightlight of the day: Steam room.
I was turned to jello by the end of the session.

Ah..this is life...

Back to normality.

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

(Actual sunset view from my bunk. Awesome huh?)

Off with the green! While serving the stench of sweat and grime, it occured to me of all those memories way back during the active days. And so here i am agian at the steps of yet another phase gone. Having just ended my 2nd ICT, it just feels like days back before ORD. The mad rush to hand over stores, guns and settling admin matters. Finally, 2 weeks of training ends.

My attempt on IPPT miserably smack me in the face of how physically untrained i was. But hey, at least i attempted and completed it.


It was pretty much a relax pace during the first week with all the admin and technical matters to settle. Right after the weekend, on a weary sunday night, preps for the 3d/2n outfield excercise was on the way and off we went to our "playgrounds" around Singapore.

For a monsoon season, the sun ws beat down on us for the entire duration of our training, while working on our deployments. Somebody up there must have a sense of humour cos, it finally rained the next day we came back to camp, AFTER we had settled cleaning our stores and guns.

Saying goodbyes as we outprocessed yesterday, feelings of disconnected wasn't as bad as i thought cos we'll be meeting agian pretty soon.

Forcast: End of June 06: ICT 3 - ATP

Till next time, Gun 4, out.

I see green people...agian

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Nicely put by my friend, i'll be checking in to SAF's resort tomorrow for 2 bloody weeks. Not that i'm complaining. Its certainly a break (if u wanna call it that..) from my NEVER ENDING work. But sometimes it's rather a shame to let it go once you've gotten so used to it.

..or maybe i'm just plain lazy to get all physical agian after months sitting behind the computer, not moving much. Hah hah..sigh..

And what pisses me off is the fact that i might miss the opening of King Kong. Yes. MIGHT. I'm keeping my fingers cross for an early release for night's off on Tues. If it does happen, i'll the happiest man alive.

Alright you peeps who still bothers reading my blog, this will be my last post till christmas... no..wait-a-min.. there's internet connection in camp. Hmm.. Maybe you won't hear the last of me yet.

Wish me luck for an authorisation letter to get a camera in.

Welcome to the suck ...

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

What a time to get sick.

Its the hectic period at my magazine.
Almost the end of the Lexus Cup era. (Yay~)
Some moviexclusive work still not done yet.
Haven't gotten ready for reservist next week. (2 bloody weeks)
Worried on how my designer gonna cope with all the work i'll be piling on him tomo. (sorry dude)
Worried on how the fate of Jan's issue will be without me. (Bahahahha...hah..sigh..)

Anyway, it just sucks getting sick. Bleah...

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Ok, i'm gonna confess. Yes i DID sneak out of the office early during lunch time to attend the pres conference of Perhaps Love at The Oriental Hotel.

..and yes, i did attend this with 1 main intent. To meet Takeshi in the flesh. (oh, and as a moviexclusive photographer too of cos..)

Girls are crazy over him and i've just got to see what the fuss was all about.
Now i know why.

...Dang, he looks good.

Anyway, i snaped loads of pics during the red carpet event, and came across a particular series of pics that I just couldn't resist making fun of.

If you're reading this Takeshi, its just a joke... lighten up...Anyway you owe us one for not stopping at the red carpet for us to take photos. Grrr...

Pride & Prejudice

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

The surprise of the year!

I never thought i would actually enjoy this piece of art. Absolutely gorgeous and splendidly shot.

Rumours are going around of Kiera up for a nomination in the oscars and i for one will definately give a nod to that.

Ratings: 4/5

Fallen Art

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Sick. Twisted. Weird.

I like it.

Brought to you by Platige Image.

Every 30 Seconds

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Can't wait for this short film to be completed man.
Funny as hell~

Frank Miller's Sin City (Recut & Extended Edition)

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Thanks god i didn't fall for the lame-ass barebone dvd that came out a few months ago.
THIS is the real deal!

DVD Features:

  • Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1), English (DTS 5.1)
  • Commentary by Robert Rodriguez & Frank Miller
  • Commentary by Robert Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino
  • Commentary by Austin premiere audience reaction
  • Recut and extended theatrical release - separated into four stories
  • Original theatrical release including:
  • All-new feature commentary with Robert Rodriguez & Frank Miller
  • All-new feature commentary with Robert Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino
  • All-new feature commentary of Austin premiere audience reaction
  • Exclusive never-before-seen extras:
  • 15-minute film school with Robert Rodriguez
  • The movie in high-speed green screen
  • The Long Take: 17 uninterrupted minutes of Tarantino's segment
  • Sin City Night at Antones -- filmmakers, cast and crew party
  • 10-minute cooking school with Robert Rodriguez
  • Bloopers
  • Teaser & theatrical trailers
  • A Hard Top With a Decent Engine: The cars of Sin City
  • Making the Monsters: Special effects make-up
  • Trench Coats & Fishnets: The costumes of Sin City
  • Booze, Broads & Guns: The props of Sin City
  • How it Went Down: Convincing Frank Miller to make the film
  • Giving the Characters Life: Casting the film
  • Special guest director: Quentin Tarantino
  • Sin-Chroni-City interactive game
  • Complete Sin City Graphic Novel - The Hard Goodbye
  • Number of discs: 2

~ I want this!!!! ~

Malaysia Trip: Abort

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Its official, my Malaysia business trip is cancelled. Seems that the Lexus Cup project that i'm driving can't go ahead without me and i'm forced to stay put.


I so much wanted to go. Just the thought of going away from here seems like a wonderfull idea even when its a business trip. I was all prepared. Travel toiletries. Check. Malaysian Riggit. Check.

Alas, 1 damn phone call poped my balloon and drained my excitement away.

Oh well, back to the damn office tomorrow.


Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Yes, FREE coffee.

Strap on your wrestling gear cos on 8th December 05, Starbucks is having it's open house and giving away free beverages from 5pm - 7pm.

Click here for more info.

Blood shed

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Back to back, i had the previllage to preview 2 blood splattering movies, coming soon to your nearest cinema.

The Decent:
"The Descent" follows an all-female cast who play extreme sports enthusiats going on their annual vacation trip. During this daredevil caving holiday, the six girls are trapped underground when an unexpected rock-fall blocks their exit. Searching the maze of tunnels for a way out, they find themselves hunted by a race of fearless, hungry predators, once humanoid but now monstrously adapted to live in the dark.
Sypnosis by MovieXclusive.com

With no expectation at all and almost clueless about the premesis, i was terrifyingly taken aback at how scary this movie is. Full of shock value, this has become one of my fav brit horror to has come by.

Rating: 4/5

Saw 2:
Jigsaw is back. The brilliant, disturbed mastermind who wreaked havoc on his victims in last year’s SAW is back for another round of horrifying life-or-death games. When a new murder victim is discovered with all the signs of Jigsaw’s hand, Detective Eric Mathews (Donnie Wahlberg) begins a full investigation and apprehends Jigsaw with little effort. But for Jigsaw, getting caught is just another part of his nefarious plan. Eight more of his victims are already fighting for their lives – and now it’s time for Mathews to join the game…
Sypnosis by MovieXclusive.com

Having exposed to the devious plans of the Jigsaw in part 1, the blood shed in this sequel was kind of a let down. The elaborate plan was too grandure in my opinion and somehow, it was missing the "indie" feel to it. But rest asured, blood is shed and those who get a kick seeing people killing themselves, this is your show.

Rating: 3/5

The Undecided - Internet Premiere

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Having just experinced our "World Premiere" of our short film at MassB's Hari Raya open house, filmed during the Fly-By-Night 48hr film competition, its only fair that in this era of the internet, people around the world should lavish our creation. Hah hah..just kidding.

Anyway, i wasn't kidding about putting it on the net for others to ridicule at our ammeturish production. Hey~ we've all got to start from somewhere, and doing it in less than 48 hours isn't a walk in a park either...

Click on the image above to view the short film.

Sorry, no red carpet for you.


Oh btw, you can read more of the making of this production below.
A Nutshell Review
A life More Than Ordinary
A Journal Lite

Fly By Night - The Undecided

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Never mind the runing and sweating around Singapore to find shooting locations, acting like fools, the tension of knowing the limited battery life of our cam and the endless, sleepless night producing our submission of a 5mins short film.

It. was. totally. worth. it.

But i won't be talking much about it now, cos its already 1am and I NEED MY SLEEP! It's gonna be a long day tomorrow. So i better get some rest. Stay tune for more reports of the Fly-by-Night event.

I'll leave you guys with screencaps of our very proud production. Enjoy.

"What is he doing??"

"Shall we eat KFC?"

"How dare your take my teaddy bear. Take this!"

erm..as above..

"NO..its my turn to fix the car!.."

"Keys won't work aye? Try my knife!"

I think our rounds hit a school. Quick recruit! Turn this and act innocent!

Watching movies while dying our hair.

The emperor visits HBD estates and scares poor old aunties.

"Ok. Fine. We won't eat at KFC agian..."

"..yes we have finally gone mad..mad i'm telling you.. MAD!.."

Round 3

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Round 3 : The library invasion.

Oh, and now on, quota has risen to 8 materials! Yay.

Selamat Hari Raya!

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

To all the peeps celebrating:

Mother Nature's light show

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Last night, nature put up a great lightning show for all to view as it streaked across the darken sky above Singapore. Lighting up the night, it was a sheer spectacle. Fortunately, i had arrived back home just in time and managed to grab my cam and capture some awesome displays.

Unfortunately i didn't have my DSLR to capture an even more dramatic picture.
I guess this will do.

Another new chapter

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Call me a sucker.

Yup, The new Motorola ROKR with iTunes.
Not a bad phone, awesome MP3 capabilities but sucky camera.

I'm gonna guard this with my life.

*i'm not gonna put it in my side pocket bag. i'm not gonna put it in my side pocket bag. i'm not gonna put it in my side pocket bag. i'm not gonna put it in my side pocket bag. i'm not gonna put it in my side pocket bag. i'm not gonna put it in my side pocket bag. i'm not gonna put it in my side pocket bag. i'm not gonna put it in my side pocket bag....

Letting go

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Its almost like i was moving out. Bags after bags of junk was removed from my room and damn it was alot! I never knew i kept so many useless junk that i wonder if i was keeping it for mere memory sake or just plain lazy. Dust was everywhere and stuff that i thought i would be using has already met its rusted end. I've realised that its time for me to let go.
Let go of the technical project i made during secondary school.
Let go of the papers that will nvr see the day of light agian.
Let go of the useless devices that deemed obsolete in this ever changing future.
Let go of the damn boxes i've kept in case i need to return them.
So now its done. It feels good.

Movies at the Library

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Time for round 2.
This time, the movies are more "up-to-date", excpet for one which no matter cos its a classic from Hitchcock, my all time fave, Rear Window. Ravenous is another movie which keep sliping out of my grasp. The Colour Purple, directed by my all fav director Steven Speilberg. I can't believe i had this movie off my radar. And finally the cult fav, Army of Darkness staring Bruce Campbell. Awesome choices. Will definately be a busy week.

*sees my PMR going up now. Woohoo..

Movies Back2Back

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

This is kinda back-dated but what the hell:

27thth Oct: Sky High
Both qually entertaining visuals it their own genre.
Sky High is a fun filled family action comedy about kids who are enrolled in superhero high school. First off, don't diss it a side thinking it's a lame Disney flick. You'll be surprised cos it worked for me. Lots of laughs and fun all around. Definately not just for kids. Btw, my review is still at large. Sorry guys, been bz with the holiday preps.

Rating: 4/5

28th Oct: The Exorcism of Emily Rose

I'll bet alot of folks are gonna label this a horror movie, but to its truth, half of the story is really a courtroom drama with flashbacks that lead to the exorcism. What a let down some might say but fret not cos the horror is just right in those realm of flashbacks. Jennifer Carpenter (the unfortunate girl) is SO briliant in her performance that it scares the hell out of me.

Rating: 4/5


Posted by Lokman Salikoon

There's always a first time for everything and the misfotune unfortunately had to befall onto me this evening.


I guess it could have been my fault for taking it for granted of its placement which was my usual side pocket of the bag, for easy access of course. It could have been the crowd at the traffic light, the busy sidewalk or etc. I'm at a loss for words and there was a moment i felt disconnected. I've already suspended my service temporarily. Will be getting my replacement SIM card tomo and be digging my pockets deep for a new phone. Thats not the hard part. Having to try to get ALL my contacts back is the sad part. And no, i didn't back it up on my PC. Stupid me.

No. STUPID PICKPOCKET! It could have been partly my fault for tempting you but..DAMN YOU. I HOPE U GET ELECTRICUTED BY A SHORT CIRCUIT IN MY PHONE!

PS: To those i know, pls email/MSN me your contact numbers aye? Thanks....


Posted by Lokman Salikoon

New Add-ons!

Now you can enjoy my daily dose of online comic strips to soothen those tense day away.

Look out for it at the side bar ->


Circle of trust

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Yes, at last, i have finally joined in the circle of trust.
I am officially a premium membership holder.
..alright man..a whole load of dvds for me to check out! Woohoo~
But unfortunately, MOST of the dvds on display are oldies and classics.
Guess it's a good time to catch up.

War of the rentals

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

I'm on a movie frenzy here, all hyped up to reach that 175 dvd status. But to do that, i'll need the help of dvds. Buying them will be out of the question. So rental it will be.

But which one? Lets do some research:

1) CINENOW - Dvd kiosk

24hrs - $4.50 | 18hrs - $3.50 | 6hrs - $2.00/$2.50(new realease)

Yee Tee, Jurong East, Clementi, Hougang, Toa Payoh, Boo Keng, Bedok & Tampines

15% discount every Wed.

2) Play! - Dvd kiosk

24hrs - $4.50(New release) | 48hrs - $4.50(others)

Tampines Mall, Toa Payoh Hub, Tiong Bahru Plaza, North Point, Seng Kang MRT>, Woodlands Civic Center, Jurong Point, West Mall

$3.95 every Wed on all dvd except new releases.

3) 7frames - Online/store

48hrs - $5.00(New release) | 48hrs - $4.00(others)
Delivery/collection charges of S$3 each way.

Rental days:
1 Title = 2 Days
2 Titles = 3 Days
3 Titles = 5 Days
4/5 Titles = 7 Days

20 Eastwood Road, Eastwood Centre

4) HollywoodClicks! - Online

Per Month basis plan >
2 DVDs at-a-time - $28 plus GST
3 DVDs at-a-time - $35 plus GST
5 DVDs at-a-time - $59 plus GST
8 DVDs at-a-time - $89 plus GST

Your PC/Mac

Free 14 days trial.

5) Homepal - Online

Per Month basis plan >
1 DVDs at-a-time - $21.95
2 DVDs at-a-time - $27.95
3 DVDs at-a-time - $34.95
4 DVDs at-a-time - $43.95
5 DVDs at-a-time - $52.95

Your PC/Mac

Free 14 days trial.

6) Video Ezy - Store

Have yet to find out. Stay tuned...

7) Library@Esplanade - On location

$21 per year - 4 dvd (max) per week


Don't expect new titles. Best for classics/series/past movies.

It all boils down to choices, the size of your pocket and how frequent you watch dvds.
Online, unlimited rentals might lure you into thinking of getting more dvds to watch but think about it. The amount of time for it to travel to and fro will take 1 working day each way. That would mean you have 15/30 days of movie days per month. Personally, it's not really worth the effort and cost.

Convieniece is most definately an importance part too, cos, who wants to travel out of the way just to rent a dvd for a day.

So, it all boils to a decision: Get new releases (or slightly older titles) at Play! and older classics/series at Library@Esplanade.

Since signing up is free for Play!, it should be a breeze. Furthurmore, it's REALLY near my place. I could just rent/return the dvds in the morning on the way to/from work. Works perfectly. Oh and will be signing up the dvd membership at the library this weekend. Hopefully.

Lazy sunday

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Guess i failed in probability.

I owe myself a rest during the weekend and decided not to go to work. I'll let tomorrow worry tomorrow. Really dreading whats to come, but, hell with it. I can only do so much.

Oh, that means not going to the library@esplanade too. Guess that'll have to wait.

Blood and planes

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

So much about not reviewing movies till my magazine closes. Meh.
Anyway, yesterday was due in line to review "High Tension"

Click here to read the review, incidentally, MINE. Hah.
Haven't really gotten to pen it down yet but my take on this:

The return of the good-old slasher flick of the yester-years with so much blood and gore, it's tightly tensioned with terror.
Great acting to boot-up too!

Decided to go back to the office to finish up some work delayed and catch-up on incoming workload so that i won't have to rush when monday comes. Left the office around 3 to meet up with the guys to a sneak preview of "Flight Plan" at GV Plaza.

Click here for MovieXclusive's review of Flight Plan.

Loved the 1st 2/3 of the movie.
(Sheer build-up of tension and drama. Very Alfread Hitchcock)

Somehow left me slightly disheartened with the last 1/3.
(Too Hollywood-ish.)

Even with me coming back on saturday to finish up work. Possibility of me coming back tomorrow (read:SUNDAY), might be a high chance. shaking some blocks loose to less the workload of my upcoming hectic week might prove a handy situation.

And maybe perhaps after that, a visit to the library@esplanade to check out the membership for its dvd collection. 21 bucks pre year for all the dvds you can devour seems rather dishy to me.


Posted by Lokman Salikoon

I'm better now.

Decided to put up an "i-dun-care" face and go on doing what i have to do and finish it.
There so many strings pulling me that i've decided to snip it all off and pretend to be pulled.
One wrong move and i'll just bite back.
Fierce siah..heh

Anyway reviewing a french horror flick later today, "High Tension".
I heard its a blood-bath.

Oh goody~

I want to quit. I really do.

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

I'm tired.

I wake up in the morning and i have the strongest feeling of calling in sick so that i don't have to face the office.

I have the urge to do something so drastic that the boss would immediately fire me.

I would step into the office, switch on my computer and bring out Words to type in my resignation letter. Print it out. Place it obviously on my bosses table and start packing. Fast.

Start the day off refusing to go to work, switching off my handphone, changing my number, deactivating my email and pray they don't call my home phone and wishing they'll forget me.

Pack my bag and go to work, tie-up some loose ends and leave during "early" lunch time to get a ticket to Vietnam and fly off at the next available flight to stay there and help build schools for the needy.


I'm at the brink of a breakdown. I'm tired. Exhausted.

Best of all, i really don't know what to do abut it. Should i stay and suffer in silence and hope for the light at the end of the tunnel or do i leave and suffer the dagger stares of thought of others thinking that i'm a quiter.

..but i'm really tired..somebody pls... help me..

3 weeks in 1 post

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

OK, i haven't been updating much. Much? How about rarely? 3 weeks isn't considered rarely. Well it is to ME. Thats your problem. Well, if its my problem, it yours as well. Whatever man..lets just begin the list. I WAS untill someone interupted me. Oh and now its my fault? No, its the guy standing behind you. There isn't anybody there. That was a sarcasm. Oh, being a wise guy huh?? Just shut up and move on. Fine.

18th Sept - F1 Powerboat World Champion

Was assigned by my editor to take photos of the F1 Powerboat race at Marina. What can i say, it was hot, restless, muddy, rainy at times and somewhat exciting when the race started. Have to admit, the accidents are the fun bits.

19th Sept - Closing of Heritage Magazines

We managed to FINALLY finish both mag on schedule (but at the expenses of low incoming revenue..). With tougue-n-cheek wittiness that the creative dept posess, we scribbled up an announcement for everyone. Too bad it was left unnoticed.

20th Sept - Tennis lessons

Finally, after much struggle of arguments, we finally agreed and signed up for our tennis lessons. The racket which was solely used to collect dust has finally been made to full use of its potential.
Unfortunately, halfway through the lesson, lightning decided to pay a visit and off we ran. Bleah.

21th Sept - The Myth free screening

News of which the movie totally tanked spread around. I had just got to catch it to see how bad it was. Good thing the tics were free. Its quite an amazement that you see contest giving away free tickets all around. Guess they knew how bad it was. Anyway, my opinion, it wasn't that bad, but it was nothing to brag about.

22th Sept - Opening of 2nd Malaysian Film Fest

It was a small event, with all the Malaysian film industry ppl, management and yes the President himself, along with his wife, graced the occasion. Surprising fact: The president has lesser security then Jackie Chan. Serious.
Oh btw, i got to shake hands with the president. Woohoo!~
..but the only regret was not asking that girl from SEPET for a pic..with me..darn it, she's so cute!

Anwyay, you can read more of the event by clicking here.

23th Sept - Bowling with MX

Circumstances changed when the meeting for the MX crew was cancelled due to confusion of appointments of the "top management". Instead, we decided to still go ahead to meet up. Our plan: Dinner at Carl's Jr and Bowling at Marina. Burgers as big as your face as they say. There's nothing to shout about anyway. With the prise they slap on the menu, i would think Mcdonalds too can make such sizes. Anyway bowling was fun. Hadn't touch a bowling ball sice the army days.

24th Sept - Launch Party of SNAG mag

Having our reviews printed on a magazine is just another step ahead for us and we were cordially invited to the launch of a new man's mag SNAG. Held at Aquadisiac, Indochine, Marina Sq, the event started out with a bang with models of the magazine strutting thier catwalks like a pagent beauty contest. Live music came on and somehow the launch didn't feel satisfied. Had expected more.

You can read more of the event by clicking here.

28th Sept - MX outing for Cinderella Man

Boxing was the theme and man...although it was a long movie, it felt just right and the action in the ring was superb! I felt like throwing myself a punch or two at the opponent.
Rating: A
A must watch!

30th Sept - MX outing for Corpse Bride

Tim Burton and Johnny Depp. Enough said. I'm there. ..and here i am. Watching it full digital pleasure at Eng Wah Suntec, the animation was beautiful and elegently set-up. Some complained about how the character didn't develope and that the story was alittle shallow. I say, the hell with you, its an animation, how deep do u want it anyway.
Anyway i loved it and it ended prefectly.
Rating: A

5th Oct - Skeleton Key preview

My last review before i embark on my magazine production. Sigh. Anyway, pretty good stuff here. Finally something thats not a remake. Damn Hollywood.

You can read my review by clicking here.

If you don't see it, that means my webmaster hasn't updted the page yet, so hang on!

6th Oct - Singaporean Gigolo event @ Gotham Penthouse

In conjuction with Deuce Bigalow sequel, a bunch of corporate company held the Singapore Gigolo party at the Gotham Penthouse, Clark Quey. It was a raunchy event with men and women scantly clothed, showning off thier booties and all. No wonder it was an M18 Event!

Look out for the detailed write-up of the event at movieXclusive.com

8th Oct - Taegukgi - Tin Case, 3Disc digipak, Photobook, Postcard

What a surprise it was when this package came. Recently, i bought Taeguki dvd box set from Korea which consist of 3 disc pack, photobook and postcard. I've always wanted to buy this movie and almost bought one at the local stores, but behold! I laid my eyes on this beauty and i told myself, i've got to get a hold of this. And finally it has arrived.

Its so totally cool.

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