I want to quit. I really do.

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

I'm tired.

I wake up in the morning and i have the strongest feeling of calling in sick so that i don't have to face the office.

I have the urge to do something so drastic that the boss would immediately fire me.

I would step into the office, switch on my computer and bring out Words to type in my resignation letter. Print it out. Place it obviously on my bosses table and start packing. Fast.

Start the day off refusing to go to work, switching off my handphone, changing my number, deactivating my email and pray they don't call my home phone and wishing they'll forget me.

Pack my bag and go to work, tie-up some loose ends and leave during "early" lunch time to get a ticket to Vietnam and fly off at the next available flight to stay there and help build schools for the needy.


I'm at the brink of a breakdown. I'm tired. Exhausted.

Best of all, i really don't know what to do abut it. Should i stay and suffer in silence and hope for the light at the end of the tunnel or do i leave and suffer the dagger stares of thought of others thinking that i'm a quiter.

..but i'm really tired..somebody pls... help me..


go and eat a bar of chocolate.

heh..yeah..i think i'm depraved from chocolate..damn u..make me think of food when i'm fasting..grrr..

I really can relate. I often want to quit life... and I actually have it pretty good - what is up with that? All I wanted to tell you is that you aren't alone. I wish you the blessing of hope and discernment.

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