My new sanctuary

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Presenting my sanctuary. Its not done yet though. Will be thinking of getting low shelfs to put on the left table cos its taking too little space for a big area. And maybe those plastic drawers to put underneath.

Can't wait till pay day.

Googling myself

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I was googling myself (sound wrong man...) when i came across this.

Wah, my very own school. And i'm a Datuk in KL too...

The United States Of Loki

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No photoshop or image editing software needed. All you need is a photo of yourself and upload it to them. Your very own dollar bill with your face on it. Comes in different currency as well!

Check them out at

Shrek 3

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Overload with pop-culture reference, the driving force that makes it charming seem to be lacking although it does have its moments with it's occasional laugh-out-louds. Great for kids but the adults may find it all too familiar.


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"I took the offer" whispered my colleague.

My heart sank as her words hit me. I was hoping she would stay on but i guess the offer was too attractive. I'm actually happy for her, finally getting her upgrade in working life but deep inside, i wanted my team to stay. But one by one each fell and hunted for greener grasses. I can't really blame them. Each have their own goals to meet.

Alot have come and gone but its only now that i suddenly felt a smack in the face as i realize that the original drive force whom i have rallied together is slowly crumbling away, leaving me standing to the point of tears. But i tried not to think about it too much and distracted myself with work.

Who's next i wonder...

Vincent in town

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Jeremy's sms came as a surprise this morning when he asked me out this evening. Bursting the bubble moments later, it was for a get together with some friends whom i went on my California trip with. Its been a year since i met up with them again. Minus Jeremy of cos but it just felt like yesterday that we were all gambling in Vegas at midnight, trekking the treacherous Grand Canyon, cruising around in LA, exploring San Diego and hanging-out in San Francisco.

And today was a special day as Vincent, Gillian's friend, fortunately became our LA tour guide, dropped by in Singapore before hopping back to Indonesia. Still remembering how he helped me post my souvenir back home because it was really a pain lugging it around (in case you were wondering, i bought myself a life size road sign of Las Vegas Boulevard) and refused me to repay the posting cost.

Anyway, will hook up again when i visit the states again man. Have a good trip and Happy Graduation!

My Heroes

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And next week, the finale of the season! Will they save the world? I can't wait!! PS: The covers above can actually join up. Cool..

More competition ahead..

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MediaCorp Publishing launches Vanilla, its first women's magazine

SINGAPORE: If you have a taste for the latest trends and finds, then MediaCorp Publishing's new women's magazine "Vanilla" could hit the sweet spot.Available at newsstands from July 16, its editorial team says the magazine is focused on an enriching and inspired living.Launched on Friday, some key features of "Vanilla" include the latest in food and lifestyle, family tips, social trends, technology and wellness updates.The magazine costs S$4 and industry players believe it has a place in the women's magazine market.The editorial team's target market is, what it calls, the "Generation X" women."She's really a woman who has come into her own financially, economically, socially and the Generation X woman is the one who's been the inspiration for this magazine," says Juleen Shaw, Group Editor, MediaCorp Publishing."I think women have had to respond to their multi-faceted life, there's the career, she's a mother, she wants to balance her life with leisure, hobby, Me-time. So I think it's fabulous that we have a magazine that helps her get the maximum out of life. I think the market place is ready for such a title," says Grace Ban, Managing Director, Estee Lauder Cosmetics. - CNA/yy
There is still space for women lifestyle magazine? Are you kidding me? the market is practically drowning with it. Why can't they just target a new market like..the gay population or THAT'S a group of people thats not tapped to it full potential yet.

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