Vincent in town

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Jeremy's sms came as a surprise this morning when he asked me out this evening. Bursting the bubble moments later, it was for a get together with some friends whom i went on my California trip with. Its been a year since i met up with them again. Minus Jeremy of cos but it just felt like yesterday that we were all gambling in Vegas at midnight, trekking the treacherous Grand Canyon, cruising around in LA, exploring San Diego and hanging-out in San Francisco.

And today was a special day as Vincent, Gillian's friend, fortunately became our LA tour guide, dropped by in Singapore before hopping back to Indonesia. Still remembering how he helped me post my souvenir back home because it was really a pain lugging it around (in case you were wondering, i bought myself a life size road sign of Las Vegas Boulevard) and refused me to repay the posting cost.

Anyway, will hook up again when i visit the states again man. Have a good trip and Happy Graduation!


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