Of seafood and beer

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Right by the beach of Pasir Ris lies a peaceful, quiet relaxing, awesome placeto hang out. Fisherman's Village is the name and not many know of it's existance. Even to those who have been living in the east.

Nothing soothens a hard day like hanging out with friends along with food galore, especially seafood, with barrels of beer afloat.

And what good friends then no other then my good old were-bull Chen.
Back from Germany during his study break, he sneakily came back to our shores and surprised us with his arrival.

Surprisingly, i unofficially became his PR and tried the gather as many knowns for a meet-up. I hate doing that. Do you know how troublesome it is to schedule a meet-up to suit EVERYONE.

"Oh sorry i have a date on that day."
"Yeah sure, but i have something on at noon"
"No prob, but i'm meeting my friends in the evening."
"Thats great. i'll call you when i finish my meet-up with my friends in the morning."


In fact, in the end, i decided, the hell with them who couldn't come along and planned an outing anyway.

Group 1 to the Fisherman's Village for dinner and beer and Group 2 to Boat Quay to Eng's pub to hang out a little and ..yes..more beer.

What a bunch of baboons. It was fun.

The one who didn't get to be bond and The Hair

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

The return of Jennifer Anniston to the big screen in Derailed gave me mix feeling. I wondered if i will ever will shake off her persona as Racheal in Friends cos I could swear that every reaction she gave, gave away wat there is to come.

Anyway, a not-too-bad of a movie but non too fancifull. My only mention is that the ending should have ended earlier. (i'm a sucker for open endings..)

Ratings: 3/5

LSRS Production: Coming soon

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

After our Fly-BY-Night competition that happened a few weeks ago, we realise that we had so much fun doing it that we decided to greenlight yet another short film. Infact, this very moment, the script is in its final phrase and should be starting our principal shoot in January.

I'm hyped!

Check out our teaser poster.

Loser Version

Bully Version


Posted by Lokman Salikoon

T'was the day after christmas, all the commotion and buzz of the holiday chain finally took its toll. Its time to rest and relax. Headed down to Hideaki's place with Jeremy to unwind by his pool side. The 1st dip was almost hypothemic but gradually warmed up after a few laps.

I still suck at swimming.

Then the guys had the audacity to suggested alittle tanning before heading to the steam room. I'm already dark enough from the sun burn during the ICT.

Hightlight of the day: Steam room.
I was turned to jello by the end of the session.

Ah..this is life...

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