Of seafood and beer

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Right by the beach of Pasir Ris lies a peaceful, quiet relaxing, awesome placeto hang out. Fisherman's Village is the name and not many know of it's existance. Even to those who have been living in the east.

Nothing soothens a hard day like hanging out with friends along with food galore, especially seafood, with barrels of beer afloat.

And what good friends then no other then my good old were-bull Chen.
Back from Germany during his study break, he sneakily came back to our shores and surprised us with his arrival.

Surprisingly, i unofficially became his PR and tried the gather as many knowns for a meet-up. I hate doing that. Do you know how troublesome it is to schedule a meet-up to suit EVERYONE.

"Oh sorry i have a date on that day."
"Yeah sure, but i have something on at noon"
"No prob, but i'm meeting my friends in the evening."
"Thats great. i'll call you when i finish my meet-up with my friends in the morning."


In fact, in the end, i decided, the hell with them who couldn't come along and planned an outing anyway.

Group 1 to the Fisherman's Village for dinner and beer and Group 2 to Boat Quay to Eng's pub to hang out a little and ..yes..more beer.

What a bunch of baboons. It was fun.


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