A quiet new year

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Away from pesky kids armed with aerosol snow spray.
Away from swarms of foreign workers monopolizing the streets.

I had the heart to actually wanting to curdle together with sweaty pumped up party-goers to usher the new year. Pro-reasons of which, i get to hang with the happening crowd. Maybe get a few hook-ups or the very least have a story to tell when your buddies ask, "Eh~ How u celebrate new year? Happening or not?"

I wishing i could reply with such casual distinct of how "in" the crowds were.

In reality, it's more like a silent snore in my comfy bed as the countdown began. BUT not without some fun before that.

Me being Mr PR manager, set up a 3rd meet-up for lunch in town during the pre-build-up of the new year celebration. The buzz was all around. you can litarally smell excitement in the air. And what better way to get away from it all than a small japanese restaurant.

With our bellys full, we patronised the spanking new Marina Square.

We found ourselves wandering aimlessly trying to set afoot where to go next when dnner soon came. We plunged ourselves to Makansutra right beside The Esplanade, soaking the atmosphere. It maybe alittle hard on our pockets but .. no.. this time no buts ..this place is bloody expensive for a hawker environment! Bleah!

Night fell and our last stroll swayed us along the river towards the Merlion. We took our parting group picture of 2005 like an annual ritual and off we went in different directions to each of our own grains.

It was a rather interesting year 2005.
My wish? 2006 to be even more interesting. At least, something good enough to blog about.

Anyway, Happy New Year everyone.


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