I missed The Naan...i mean The Nun

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

I'm gonna do something alittle different. This time round i'm going cronologically backwards.

After slogging, trying to create the Unarmed Combat piece for MX, (of cos with dinner in bet and alittle tv, pardon me) i managed to finish by 1am. And thus left the review on hold till tomo (read:today). If i had watched The Nun yesterday, i wouldn't have time to finish the work.

I missed The Nun. I was hoping to catch it soon cos i was given the task to review it. How could they have just given us a free pass during the in-season to go review it? Don't they realise that cinemas would only release its runs to free passes till the very end of the run? Or does my free pass have special arrangment? Anyway, bottom line is, i missed the 7pm show i was hoping to catch at TM. All because of the stupid buses.

As i sat miserably at the bus-stop, looking at 2 full-to-the-brim buss pass me by, i keep wondering why don't they increase the frequency of the buses during such heavy demand timing? Its ridiculous. And on normal hours: 30mins - 45mins per bus. No wonder i'm always late to work (Plus me waking up late adds on to the reason but thats another story...). I end up taking a bus in another bus-stop. Surprisingly, this lead to a whole new route i never knew or bothered to try.

Learn something new everyday. If u bother trying that is. It'll surprise you somehow. Try it~

Wanna arm wrestle?

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Last nights event went pretty manageble. I'm never good at being presented on a silver platter for all to see, slapping myself with a smile and pretending to blend into the crowd. Not much ho-ha sirred the atmostsphere except for a few like Kelvin Tong, Cast/crew of Unarmed Combat and others which i have no names to but looked important.

A buffet spread was laid for the hunger deviant which filled half by appetite which consist of finger foods and chocolate dips (whats the terms again? Melted chocolate with strawberries and marshmellows...)

730 came and it was time to head into the theater to the awaited big screening of Unarmed Combat followed by the Q&A session right after. Look out for more indepth writeup of the event and review soon on MovieXclusive.com.

In a nutshell, pretty good effort. Prefered the 2nd half rather then the 1st. Too many time-hopping and slow intro kinda spoiled the broth. On the other hand, good work on the splicing of timeframe to trail the storyline in a non-linear path.

My rare appearence

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

My last post was dated way back on the 16th of May and since then, a coule of stuff have happen which were worthy of blogging but i decided to drop it and start a fresh without looking back to the past.

The mag which finally wrapped up its June issue was forcast to arrive tomo. Quite unbeleivable since they've screwed up alot of the scheduling. Will see how they fare on keeping the promise this time.

Later on tonight, Stefan and I will be attending the local film fest held at the National Museum with Unarmed Combat as its 1st showcase. I've had several not-so-encouraging words about the film so i'm actually getting ready to expect the worst. Why are the local film makers turning to arty-farty features? Are they too lazy to come up with something more comprehensive and trying too hard to evolutionize film making in singapore to a higher level?

But a friends told me, someone has to come out the bad stuff to get a good one out. And maybe its true.

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