Wanna arm wrestle?

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Last nights event went pretty manageble. I'm never good at being presented on a silver platter for all to see, slapping myself with a smile and pretending to blend into the crowd. Not much ho-ha sirred the atmostsphere except for a few like Kelvin Tong, Cast/crew of Unarmed Combat and others which i have no names to but looked important.

A buffet spread was laid for the hunger deviant which filled half by appetite which consist of finger foods and chocolate dips (whats the terms again? Melted chocolate with strawberries and marshmellows...)

730 came and it was time to head into the theater to the awaited big screening of Unarmed Combat followed by the Q&A session right after. Look out for more indepth writeup of the event and review soon on MovieXclusive.com.

In a nutshell, pretty good effort. Prefered the 2nd half rather then the 1st. Too many time-hopping and slow intro kinda spoiled the broth. On the other hand, good work on the splicing of timeframe to trail the storyline in a non-linear path.


fondue :D

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