I missed The Naan...i mean The Nun

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

I'm gonna do something alittle different. This time round i'm going cronologically backwards.

After slogging, trying to create the Unarmed Combat piece for MX, (of cos with dinner in bet and alittle tv, pardon me) i managed to finish by 1am. And thus left the review on hold till tomo (read:today). If i had watched The Nun yesterday, i wouldn't have time to finish the work.

I missed The Nun. I was hoping to catch it soon cos i was given the task to review it. How could they have just given us a free pass during the in-season to go review it? Don't they realise that cinemas would only release its runs to free passes till the very end of the run? Or does my free pass have special arrangment? Anyway, bottom line is, i missed the 7pm show i was hoping to catch at TM. All because of the stupid buses.

As i sat miserably at the bus-stop, looking at 2 full-to-the-brim buss pass me by, i keep wondering why don't they increase the frequency of the buses during such heavy demand timing? Its ridiculous. And on normal hours: 30mins - 45mins per bus. No wonder i'm always late to work (Plus me waking up late adds on to the reason but thats another story...). I end up taking a bus in another bus-stop. Surprisingly, this lead to a whole new route i never knew or bothered to try.

Learn something new everyday. If u bother trying that is. It'll surprise you somehow. Try it~


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