A sneak peek of CARMA - August

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

For those who reads my magazine, here's a sneak peek of the August issue. Get your copy at the nearest magazine rack of your favourite bookstore or mama stall...

...oh and you might probably only manage to see this on the 1st week of August.

To all subscribers or fan of this mag, on behalf of the team, we apologies. Sorry hor~

And so the marathon ends..

Posted by Lokman Salikoon


This month has been a terrible work span ever. Not only did i have to endure yet another 36 hr creative marathon, but our backslot of late night working hours started way back 3 weeks ago! The usual case was only to withstand a week's worth! Ads has been increased this month ( which is a good thing) and i had to help out my CD on his task. Also not to mention the golf tornament event report that was on going most definately didn't help.

With the amount of work we're dumped upon, i demand a raise. Alas, this is not to point out now cos i'm still under probation. A 6 month probation. ( Who ever heard of a 6 month probation anyway..3 yes, but 6?..) Right now i'm on month 4 soon. sigh..

Anyway, its over now....almost. I've still got some loose ends to tie up on Monday. The colour proofs for CARMA might be in on Tuesday and Wednesday, so probably i'll take my off on Friday.

I know you've heard me whine about me wanting a rest and so i've decided that after the September issue closes, or when my part responsibile part of the magazine is done, i'm taking a 2 week leave to somewhere. Haven't decided on my destination yet, but somewhere far. Oh and somewhere that i have to take a plane. HAH.

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