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You guys know that Star Trek will coming to our shore soon. So here are some links to get more info on them!

Celebrity facts

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Matthew Perry is missing part of his middle finger on his right hand due to a door-shutting accident when he was young. Don't believe? Look below.


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Woke up alittle late, went Ikea to have brunch, took an cab to CMPB to pay what i owe, headed to Vivocity to watch Detroit Metal City, went to Sistic at City hall to get tickets to The Winter's Tale, met up with Richard for the UIP surprise screening which turned out to be Duplicity and finally finishing up reading Ebo's movie script on the way home.

Not bad for a Monday.


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As much as i want to to abroad to spend my free time, i've actually sorted out plans for tonight, Thurs and Fri.

I guess Sydney has to wait till a later time. Spending 800 bucks for plane ticket for a 3 day trip isn't really worth it.

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