Ma'am...i see MORE dead people...

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

What a way to open the movie in Singapore. Right on the eve of The Hungry Ghost Festival. And thats not all. Guess where they held the press conference? Where else but Seng Ong Temple at Paya Lebar. With all the settings of an authentic chinese opera, the marketing of The Maid is admittedly an impressive presentation. Starting off with a visit from the "bride", slowly creeping up behind us. Even though it was broad daylight, the setting and haunting music playing in the background did manage to tightened my nerves. I was half expecting the "bride" to open her mysterious red veil and scare the pants of me while i was photographing her.

Anyway, more of the press conference soon at MovieXclusive by Monday or so by my partner in crime, Richard. Oh and my review too...

So near yet so far

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Step right outside my home and this view is the 1st to strike your senses.

Red. Round. Hairy. Juicy. RAMBUTANS.

Unfortunately its planted in the perimeters of the generator area.

Damn fence...

Ma'am..i see dead people..

Posted by Lokman Salikoon


The Maid, directed by our own true-blue Singaporean Kelvin Tong, tells of a story about a maid and her horifying journey through the 7th month.

You might have guess, since i'm part of the MovieXclusive team, i was tasked to review this local production. You absolutely right! And thats not all! Stay tuned, for me and my partner in crime, will bring you our coverage of the press conference of this movie to be held soon. REAL soon.

Now, as Stefan would say, theres a difference between a Reviewer and a Critic.

Reviewer: Read it at soon. Dunno when, but will come surely.

Critic: Expected more. Had great potential but missing some elements. Plot holes galore.

The end of my rest....

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Looky... Food...drool~

Well the end is near, my precious resting period has finally net its end.
Tomorrow is the time for me to face the dreaded office and start working.
I had a pretty much pack weekend and i must say, it went well.


Looking at Saturday, i've manage to conclude the video presentation for Broquet, just in time later that evening to meet up with Speng and Tiong. The rest of the guys couldn't join us for whatever reason they had and i wasn't really surprised. They were hopeless for spontaniousity. Anyway, we had dinner at Eddie's place ( Pardon my absent mindedness, i seem to have forgotten the name of the place.). Pretty much a couple's place. Good atmosphere. Good food. Although a little steep in price. Service was excellent ( maybe it was because of the lack of customers..bleh..). The night was still young and so our journey ended us all the way to The Esplanade.

Thats where i discovered, Makansutra Gluttons Bay. Noted to be singapore's best street food under the moonlight by the bay, we stoppped by for supper, after viewing a band performance at the outdoor theater. For those who don't know of the place, its right next to DXO where they open from 6pm to 3am, perfect for after clubbing activity. Oh btw, even when you dine, you'll still be able to hear the hard thumping music that seem to seep through the air vent nearby. Pretty cool bonus actually.


Woke up just in time to meet up with my MovieXclusive team mates for our monthy (we try to) meeting and upcoming events/happenings. Can't say much here but all i can say is that its going to make us step 1 level higher. So watch out for us as we grow even furthuer to bring you more of the movie world to Singapore.


Laze-around-day. Nothing much happening. Pondering on how miserable i'll be when i go back to work tomo. Bleah~

The Broquet vid

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Can't ask for much for a 1 days worth of video editing ( to be exact, 4 hours). After hearing that they want the final piece on Saturdayy to be sent to India for thier automobile exhibition show ( much like the Dreamcars we had previously), i decided to get a start on the production. Then the unthought happened:

1) My computer at home wouldn't recognise any video device in its Firewire port.
2) It was 6pm in the evening and the only place i could think of is to go back to my old office at Kallang to extract the footage from the cam.
3) Much to my surprise, when i open the door, my good old compter that served me well while i was in VML was gone! It was a mess everywhere and my 1st thought was that the place was robbed. How in the world am i going to do my job?? ( note my absence of depair of the loss of property..) Much to my relief, after calling up Joe, I found out that it was just relocated to the next room for security purpose. Since i didn't have the keys to the room, i had to wait for 45mins for Joe's dad to come back from dinner.
5) All went well, but unbeleivably, i didn't bring along the appropriate software and files for me to work on. Well, at least i could get the footage out and bring it home to edit. Better working late at home then late working in a creepy industrial area all alone.

Anyway, from then on, all went well. After 4 hours of refreshment on Adobe Premiere and working it out, churning the final product, i finally produced it and slept at 4am. Having to wake up at 9am didn't help either but it was fine.

Joe picked me up soon after and headed back to Kallang to set-up and wait for the arrival of our client. Thank goodness they were a laid-back friendly bunch and soon by 1:30pm, we were done.


Anyway, As you might have seen above, the 1min vid i did for them. Click on it to rev it up. And don't laugh alrite...i'm no video editor award winner.

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