Ma'am..i see dead people..

Posted by Lokman Salikoon


The Maid, directed by our own true-blue Singaporean Kelvin Tong, tells of a story about a maid and her horifying journey through the 7th month.

You might have guess, since i'm part of the MovieXclusive team, i was tasked to review this local production. You absolutely right! And thats not all! Stay tuned, for me and my partner in crime, will bring you our coverage of the press conference of this movie to be held soon. REAL soon.

Now, as Stefan would say, theres a difference between a Reviewer and a Critic.

Reviewer: Read it at soon. Dunno when, but will come surely.

Critic: Expected more. Had great potential but missing some elements. Plot holes galore.


eagerly waiting for your review and press coverage my friend

then i'll see if it's worthwhile gathering some guts to sit through it :D

Anonymous   says 11:52 PM

Just went to watch The Maid. Indeed a good local production. Like the storyline, the music effect and the characters in the movie. Really seen the happiest and saddest part of a human heart.

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