I see green people...agian

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Nicely put by my friend, i'll be checking in to SAF's resort tomorrow for 2 bloody weeks. Not that i'm complaining. Its certainly a break (if u wanna call it that..) from my NEVER ENDING work. But sometimes it's rather a shame to let it go once you've gotten so used to it.

..or maybe i'm just plain lazy to get all physical agian after months sitting behind the computer, not moving much. Hah hah..sigh..

And what pisses me off is the fact that i might miss the opening of King Kong. Yes. MIGHT. I'm keeping my fingers cross for an early release for night's off on Tues. If it does happen, i'll the happiest man alive.

Alright you peeps who still bothers reading my blog, this will be my last post till christmas... no..wait-a-min.. there's internet connection in camp. Hmm.. Maybe you won't hear the last of me yet.

Wish me luck for an authorisation letter to get a camera in.


I just saw a freaky horror korean movie (R-Point)that deals with army ... wanna lent u to watch ... but shall wait until u finish ur ict : )

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