The Undecided - Internet Premiere

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Having just experinced our "World Premiere" of our short film at MassB's Hari Raya open house, filmed during the Fly-By-Night 48hr film competition, its only fair that in this era of the internet, people around the world should lavish our creation. Hah hah..just kidding.

Anyway, i wasn't kidding about putting it on the net for others to ridicule at our ammeturish production. Hey~ we've all got to start from somewhere, and doing it in less than 48 hours isn't a walk in a park either...

Click on the image above to view the short film.

Sorry, no red carpet for you.


Oh btw, you can read more of the making of this production below.
A Nutshell Review
A life More Than Ordinary
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Anonymous   says 1:12 PM

dudes, it's not the finish product that counts. It's the attempt that strikes gold. Don't be discouraged. Be intimidated by randy's 40 strong crew rather. I am very sure that 1 person can do it pretty well as well as 40. Great job you guys.

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