Fly By Night - The Undecided

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Never mind the runing and sweating around Singapore to find shooting locations, acting like fools, the tension of knowing the limited battery life of our cam and the endless, sleepless night producing our submission of a 5mins short film.

It. was. totally. worth. it.

But i won't be talking much about it now, cos its already 1am and I NEED MY SLEEP! It's gonna be a long day tomorrow. So i better get some rest. Stay tune for more reports of the Fly-by-Night event.

I'll leave you guys with screencaps of our very proud production. Enjoy.

"What is he doing??"

"Shall we eat KFC?"

"How dare your take my teaddy bear. Take this!" above..

"NO..its my turn to fix the car!.."

"Keys won't work aye? Try my knife!"

I think our rounds hit a school. Quick recruit! Turn this and act innocent!

Watching movies while dying our hair.

The emperor visits HBD estates and scares poor old aunties.

"Ok. Fine. We won't eat at KFC agian..."

"..yes we have finally gone mad..mad i'm telling you.. MAD!.."


can't wait to see the world premiere of it...

What's with the number 4??? Hahaha...

haha... actually that sequence was one of my favs... very retro, very cheesy lol

"The emperor visits HBD estates and scares poor old aunties"

LOL hahahaha

No "malcolm in the middle" ?

i want to watch director's cut! :D

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