Mother Nature's light show

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Last night, nature put up a great lightning show for all to view as it streaked across the darken sky above Singapore. Lighting up the night, it was a sheer spectacle. Fortunately, i had arrived back home just in time and managed to grab my cam and capture some awesome displays.

Unfortunately i didn't have my DSLR to capture an even more dramatic picture.
I guess this will do.


wow!I always wanted to get shots like that but camera can't take pictures that are far.

me too ... what kind of setting did u used to take this kind of photo ?

You have to have great zoom for these kind of shots.

Sorry I have to break to you but, the cam i was using has only 3X zoom. And to get these shots, i just set it at night mode setting preset on the dial.

Patients and luck i guess.

..oh and a steady hand~

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