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Sorry that it's been a long time since this blog got updated. So many this had happened (nothing earth shattering but it occupies my life anyway) but i was too lazy to report. Had been busy with the magazine the past month as we were backed down to churn out 4 mags (read: 2 mags each) for the march issue. This has been quite a problem which i would say will face every alternate month which i hope the management would dabble into trying to help ease our misery. Getting interns aren't gonna help as they usually dissapear after 2 months. 2 Months. Why are internships so damn short? What useful things can one learn out of 2 months anyway?

Anyway it's been a struggle the past few weeks and made it through, yet agian as always. and guess what? I'm in my 2nd year of working under the company. Yeah 2 bloody years. Its been THAT long and i am still surviving. And after all the hard work, i do deserve a break which i already planned.

Hong Kong.

Yeah i've been there on a company trip but this time its on my own to cover the Hong Kong International Film Festival. Well not just me alone but with 2 other amigos for 2 weeks. That quite long for a small island.


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