Let go

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

A and B were friends for 3 1/2 years and has been keeping close contact, or so it seemed. Its the same storyline you've heard before. A has been keeping a crush on B since then and the only trouble that A has that prevents actually annoucing the emotions is the fact that B is already attached. But the more A sees/meets/talks to B, the more it hurts knowing the fact that A knows that it would only create trouble and be a futile attempt, risking a perfectly good friendship. Sure B could break-up, but there was 1 single reason that would tip the scale. Should A swollow the feelings and keep his flame lit small down in the basment never to be seen by any forever, keeping the outer appearence as a friend or should A just cut the contact as so not to feel the hurt anymore, for which would seem impossible because they are bound to meet/talk somehow.

The answer is quite obvious really.

But then again, its not going to be easy.


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