Awakening the haitus-again

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Its been 2 weeks since i came back from the states and everyone has asked me how the trip was.

My usual answer: It was great!

And i end it there.

I know it seem kinda selfish. I don't like bragging about it cos theres nothing to brag about anyway. Anyone can travel if they want to and its surprisingly affordable of you know how to plan ahead and keep track of the expenses.

The travel blog which was suppose to be updated during the journey sucked big time, so give me some time for me to fill in the details.

Or i might not. So don't keep your hopes up too high.

So for those who want to know more about my trip, feel free to comment/email/pm/call/sms me. Oh and for those who keep bugging me for pics and vids of my trip, here you go. Click on the icons below for glorious visual treats.

PS: there are more vids coming, but it'll take time. I don't have instant connection with Youtube.


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