MOS nite-out

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

It all started with the apreciation nite at Thumper for Fiat owners which was courtersy of Sylvia who RSVP-ed for 20 pax. Talk about kiasu. Anyway, we didnt hang around for too long and headed to the next destination. We didnt have a clue where to go but had initially thought of MOS but couldn't possibly bring in THAT much in by VIP. Then came along the saviour, a friend of Waynes', who could bring us all in by VIP without the que but the only catch was we had to pay cover charge.

I was just happy to even step in.

Don't laugh but this was my virgin visit and i must say, its quite impressive. With its humongous premesis, i wonder how a drunk would find his way out. With the big ho-ha about the club, i must say, i does reach much of my expectation. Music was great, eventhough i wasn't really into trance but the guest DJ was awesome. Anything that would make me move (with a little help of drinks..) is on an A list for me.

Damn, my clubbing urge has resurfaced...


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