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Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Its been quite a while since an update made appeareance at this site.

Where shall i start?

  • I've bought my 1.8K ticket to SF with Cathay Pacific. Number 1 airline in 2006. Think i made a good choice for a long haul flight.
  • The magazine is suffering from the ripple effect. Ginving way to sales and extending period of selling will only mean total suffering in the long run. I for one will not affected by this. Just as long as i keep the comunication flowing and that they are fully aware of the consequences, i'm happy to be getting the payroll each month even if the company is going down the tube.
  • I am 26 and i'm still single. Help.
  • MX has been a great add-on to my life with gala premieres, movie reviews and event coverage. Its great as it is, but how do we make it an even more established medium? One that can generate revenue and be well known as a source for entertainment in SG. Big views there but i aim to see MX reach that. If only i would get my butt up and go do something about it.
  • Finally unearthed a blog i was deperately looking for. I feel voyeuristic.
  • I'm getting lazier. Is it because of my upcoming California break? Maybe. Is it because of the monotonous regime of work. Maybe.
  • I'm constantly on a look out for more cash-result avenue. Need more cash to enjoy California mah. Will not sell much is the market price anyway...
  • More to come if anything pops up.


share the blog URL leh :P

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