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Posted by Lokman Salikoon

These past few weeks, i've been more actively involve in watching alot of TV. No, not the crappy shows that we get on our island of ours. I'm talking about those in the States. TV nowadays has become a tool for story-telling and a venue to showcase talents in a longer run, developing characters and plots instead of the run-of-a-mill 2 hrs rush down. Spaning over months every week, it fails to amaze me on how some of these plots unfold and leave us with nail biting cliff-hangers, makoing us wanting for more. But unlike films, where we have to wait years for a sequel, all we have to do is just tune in next week for a conclusion.

I recently finished the 1st season of Prison Break and it left me wanting for more. And now, to my surprise, the dvd set i bought from Amazon, which was stated to arrive on the 6th Dec, was nicely sitting on my desk when i came home.

The 1st Season of X-files and 1st season of OZ (Its a prison drama, not the Dorothy kind...).

I don't think my TV craving will end anytime soon.


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