My resolutions for 2007

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

I know i'm not gonna keep them anyway, but i should at least try rite?

1) Learn to DJ. ( NOT those crappy ones on the radio but those in clubs.)

2) Start running. In summary keep fit lah... My garvitational pull has somehow gotten stronger towards earth, its kinda scary...

3) Visit Australia. Damnit everyone has been there except me!

4) Have at least 2K in the bank by 2008 new year's eve.

There you go. Kinda big hopes aye? Will try lah. No guarantee.


i also haven't visited australia

I been there before ! 2 and 1/2 bloody years : )

ur 3rd n 4th resolutions kinda contradict each other ... can't save if u go on tour n vice versa

well i could try right?..ok how about at least 500 bucks?

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