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Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Its been awhile that I've actually blogged about life. Most of the time I've posted interesting links that pertain what might interest others as i realize that my life is much so. Nothing usually happen now a days. Day in and out, I've flowed through my daily routines almost incident free (well to my knowledge i guess. It might be for others..). Anyway it'll serve the little stuff in point forms just for a run of the mill gesture to keep u guys up to date.

1) It's been 3 months working in SPH. Time really flies and prior to the uncertainty of the new environment, life here is great. Have yet to get to know everyone yet since we all have different schedule work flow. I've got to make the effort to say something or strike a conversation instead of awkward smiles in the morning..

2) The contract for Jetaway (in house flight mag for Jetstar) has finally expired and did my last July/August issue. It hard to let it go cos i brought it up and shaped it to how it is today. While at the same time relieved that a small burden is off my shoulder.

3) Another mag i hold dear, Inside Golf will have its final run in august. I have loved how it has shaped today (because of me of cos..heh heh heh). And there's been good response of it but alas, it going to make way to a new publication much stronger in name. I shall not name thee but i think it as a step Aurthur to my experience. Imagine doing a golf magazine in the world. No more bewildered look of not knowing what title i was doing..

4) Appraisal are totally new to me and something i have to work on this year on if i ever want to get my ass to the next level. My dream? To be at least an art director in SPH magazine. But i have so much to learn. So not to fret I'll take each step at the time. I'm not hungry for power. Yet.

5) Started back my MX duties after settling in at work and managed to get up close with Shu Qi, Maggie Q and Jay Chou. Reviews are a pain to write but i can't resist the free tics. Gotta take the bitter with the sweet to make the whole experience a wholesome one..

6) I beginning to phase out my crowded places to hang out. I now prefer quiet settings where i can drink and have good conversations without screaming at the top of my lungs, competing with the average Singapore idol wannabe. In fact, I've always hated going Karaokes. i only go there because of companionship. Majority wins so, i had to follow through. Even if i protest for which they ask me where else, thats where i fail miserably. I'm a failure to point out hip happening places which are conducive to carry a conversation yet relax enough to hang out for hours. Any suggestions?

7) I've started thinking and acting upon investments. Why u ask? ...Don't ask.

More to come..


Ric's younger brother   says 1:55 PM

What kind of investments are u looking at? Stocks, unit trust or foreign currency?

And how much?

more to Unit trust...
Stocks and currency abit cheem for me..

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