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..news that is.

1) The new Imac
An orgasmic design with added/improved iLife. I WANT ONE!

2) Inline skating

My virgin attempt. Pretty fun. I just need enough courage to stride further and open my legs wider...i was practically walking instead of skating. More practice to come.

3) Maxtor crash
First it was Jeremy's. Now mine. What's up with Maxtor external HDD nowadays? Did it reach a due date or something?


Anonymous   says 9:57 PM

dude, get a lacie lah

You know what? I'm currently using a 1Tb Lacie at work. Now I'm kinda having this fear of corrupted external HDD.


Anonymous   says 5:27 PM

Never even heard a sound from you about the sunday skating session. In any case take off the picture of the inline skates from your blog. That pair is for noobies. You need a free style slalom skate.

Speng boy

Sorry bro, i woke up in the afternoon. :P I was too lazy to go out anyway...

And the pic, change liao. Happy?

Anonymous   says 3:45 PM

Good boy

That pair you posted is a very high profile skate. But not as good as mine. HAHA... You are starting right. I will be skating again this saturday in ecp. Dont say i never invite you. Roar!

Speng boy

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