How mac and pc dun agree with each other...

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

NEVER use an external hard drive used by a PC to be plugged into a mac.

Cos it'll not appear on your mac, thinking theres something wrong with the connection and thinking it should work on your PC when you get back home only to find out when you plug it in a big ass error that says:

E:\ is Not Accessible
The disk structure is corrupt and unreadable.

There i sat gapping with mouth open. OMFG. Jeremy will rip my head off and use it as a door stopper. Thank god there's GETDATABACK software to retrieve the data out even at dark times.


Anonymous   says 5:29 PM

oh yeah speaking abt this retrieving data application. Can you shed some light into it for me? Just keen on such things thanks!

speng boy

Basically its an application where u can retrieve data from your corrupted HDD. But it'll cost you US$79! But think about the amount of money and time saved if the inevitable happens.

Check out the website at :

mars   says 10:15 PM

i got the same model, but i cant run it, but my windows xp already detected it..

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