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Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Last tuesday was indeed a happy day for me. Having finish the magazine, burden has finally lifted off my shoulder. I could literally fly now. Even with me having to come back later in the afternoon, there wasn't anything to do ( yes there are side projects to finish but hell with it..). Then later that evening, Stefan and i met up at Orchard to cover the launch party of Eric Khoo's latest movie " Be With Me " at Bar None. The atmosphere was a laid back and cosy one with only invites for the media.

“ Be With Me ” is a tapestry of stories woven around the themes of love, hope and destiny. The characters lead separate lives but are bound by one common desire - to be with their loved one. The protagonists in the movie are fictitious except for Theresa Chan, whose life story inspired “ Be With Me ". Deaf and blind since she was 14, Theresa, now 61, has triumphed over her disabilities to live an amazing life.

Local celebrities slowly flowed into the bar and soon the the place was up and happening with hype, glitz and glamour. Seriously, we felt a little out of place, seeing all thier "Hi there", "Nice seeing you agian" and etc to thier known ones. Drinks was free flow all around so that did help us loosen up. Finally it was time to get on with the show.

A little preview of the movie was shown, like the ones in the cinemas now, with additions of varied shots and alternative trailers.

Next up was the live performance of the movie soundtrack. Good enough to get a hand on one indeed! Very emotional, slow instrumental tunes. I guess you can't really wrong there.

Next was the introduction to the cast of the movie.

Now, these are the moments that i died and went to heaven...

Me, Eric Khoo & some guy...(kidding, its Stefan)

Samantha Tan, Me & Ezann Lee

Soon afterwards, we mingled around to soak in the atmosphere with the media people and more with Eric and the girls. Soon it was time for us to go, but not without me going up to Eric to congratulate one last time for his movie and many success in the future. Although he was alittle tipsy from all the booze, his reponse felt genuinely sincere. A final handshake parted us that left me beeming with joy inside.

Call me for any role in your next movie project, yeah Eric? I know you've got my namecard..heh heh
No seriously, he DOES.


*woop de doo*

I miss them.
Can i BE WITH them?

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