Exhaustion abound

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Its 630 am, Saturday.

Havent slept since friday morning and the magazine is being far from being finished. I kept nodding off with my mouse in my hand. Thats a sure sign, I. AM. TIRED.

Eventually, we gave up. I couldn't even concentrate on a simple layout and even if i manage to, it ended up something that looked like a kindergarden kid's work. We were practically zombies all complete with slurry speech and random acts of insanity.

Time was 11am. We packed up, along with our iMacs so that we could continue at home, and headed home.

As soon as i reached home, i had a quick wash and off i was to neverland. It was a total knock-out cos the next thing i knew, it was 430pm and finally was fresh awake.

Well, not totally.

Later that evening, met up with the guys to catch "36".

PARIS. For several months an incredibly violent gang has been successfully holding up armoured bank vans. The chief of Police, Robert Mancini (Andre Dussolier) has been quite frank with the two lieutenants under his command, Leo Wrinks (Daniel Auteuil) and Denis Klein (Gerard Depardieu) : whoever manages to bust this gang will replace him as the "Chief" at the Police HG, located 36 Quai des Orfevres. The fight is on between these two super cops, who once were friends, and now are at odds about everything: their private lives, their methods, their staff and a woman, Camille Wrinks (Valeria Golino).
Sypnosis by MovieXclusive.com

Its a pretty engaging movie and if only i wasn't in a bad shape, fresh from the aftermath of exhaution, i could have enjoyed the movie even more. Love the score (although they did keep repeating certain tunes which was kinda irritating.) and the cinematography!

As the usual routine, we soured the area to hang out and Macs was the eventual location where we finally headed back home near midnight. Occationally nodding off agian in the bus, i longed for my bed.

Ah. Finally. A long awaited rest. ZZZzzzzz...


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