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I need to breath. Sure enough, the magazines are already out, FINALLY, but that doesn't mean the shows over. I've been bracing myself for when Joe broke the news that he's leaving for Mediacorp and i'm happy for him. But that would mean all the crap will start falling onto me and i'm afraid if i were to take on this role, i'll end up being bad guy around, pushing to meet deadlines and having to say no to clients requirement when its impracticle. I see everyone's angle and i totally understand every point of view but situations of mindset forces us to react a certain way which just sucks.
Upper management are interviewing a replacement to a position of Senior designer and i wonder, what is my job designation is. As far i'm concern, i was given a graphic designer title. Do they rather trust a total stranger to lead the creative dept instead of someone who has been around almost 6 months? I'm not complaining (oh wait..i am..) but if thats the case..i've got to set my role straight. Hell, i'm not gonna take more responsibility with the same status that i'm in.


Anyway, the battle continues and frictions sparks new comflicts which i don't give a damn. I'm tired. Should i push on and suffer the bombardment in hopes for some light at the end of the tunnel? Decisions afloat and i'm none too happy to make one.

Right now, i just want to curl up in bed and sleep. Or watch a movie. Its my only escapism.


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