Singapore Writers Festival

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

3rd-4th Sept - Singapore Writers Festival

This was incidentally a spark of interest when Richard suggested us to join him in the panel talk about graphic novel being the future wave.

Text in the City, the Graphic Novel Way (Talk)
Sep 2, 19:00 - 20:00, Panel Room (5th Floor), National Library
Free admission

Colleen Doran, creator of comic book series, A Distant Soil, and the Sandman artist behind “Fa├žade”, dissects the use of words and visuals in sequential art and graphic novel storytelling techniques.

Even though we were 1/2 late (thks richard..grr), i did learn quite a abit of the going ons of the graphic industry.

Next up on Sat was a workshop on script writing.

Watching Movies, Writing Films: A Screenwriting Workshop (Workshop)
Sep 3, 11:00 - 12:00, Library@Esplanade
Free admission (online registration)

Online Reservations

Andrew Bovell conducts a screenwriting workshop and shares his experiences working on the films Lantana and Strictly Ballroom.

Looking at the amount of info thrown at us, i wouldn't think a hours worth would barely scrape over the interduction to the world of film script writing. Anyhow, it did enlighten me of some aspect of writing and angles to take, sequentials of scenes that make a good story and how film script writing is a combination of rigid technicality and inspiration. Pretty interesting.

Stefan did tell me that good ideas are plenty around us. the problem is, people are not writing them down. Writing seems to be the propeller that will indefinately drive you forward to completion that provoking literary you've always dreamed/imagine all this time. It may be a scribble of a thought, a paragraph of story or a sketch of a charater. Its got to start somewhere right?

So far, i've got:
1) An idea for a 4-part tv series that intertwine 4 housing apartment with interconectng story.
2) A concept of a WW2 local epic trilogy.
3) A begining of a thriller grahic novel (which was done AGES ago and have no clue of its where about..sigh..).
4) A music video for James Blunt, "No Bravey".

Anybody wanna point me to the right direction for my dream come true?


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