Wes Craven is BACK!

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

My ivitation, cool aye?

Wes Craven, the horor master is back, better than ever after a few trips along the way. Ever since Cursed, the thoughts of him retiring soon emerged. BUT suddenly, Red Eye came along and knocked our socks off. This action thriller was a sigh of relief. Finally, something that really engaged me right to the end. Yeah the ending may be a little expected, but the journey was a blast. Build-up was great ( lots were fooled by the trailer that began somewhat like a romantic comedy. Go figure.). Acting from new comer, Rachel Mcadams was great. Think we found ourselves an action heroine here. Slamed against walls, falls flat on her face, head butted and endangered at knife-point, i'm loving her already~ Oh did i tell you she looks oh so lovely...

Watch out for my review of RED EYE coming soon at MovieXclusive.com

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"Nothing beats a good-old-fashioned thriller. It'll start you out sitting comfortably in your seat and will move you to the very edge when it's done. Wes Craven is BACK!"


just saw red eye.. mr murphy is deliciously creepy..

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