The Beetle vs the Dead

Posted by Lokman Salikoon

Its one of those days where u suddenly have a streak of good runs, having things falling right in place and everything works out just nice (Only to realise this would mean all the bad ones to be dumped at once as well someday...damnit...).

Anyway, it was a double-bill for me last weekend cos i had a back-to-back movie showcase.

First up: Herbie, Fully Loaded.

Courtesy from my Chief Editor, David. A grand gala premeire at Cathay Cineleisure it was with kids shows and a wide displays of The beetles showing off its glory at the carpark nearby. It was too bad the display were too far to oogle. They should have lined it up at the walk way. Oh well...

Since its a Disney production, there weer kids galore. But fortunately, the ones unfront of us weren't the annoying ones and did manage to view the movie with times..but doesn't matter. Oh, and the free popcorn was a nice touch. I wonder how much they spent on this event?

Did i meantion they gave away a goodie pack right after the show? Even when the skies decided to open up alittle to shed some tears, there were people lining to get them. How typical. Anyway i joined in too. Hah.

Me lining up for my freebies~

Fortunately the line did move along rather quickly before i got soaked by the drizzle. Guess what was in the pack? Nothing much really but good enough.

1) Herbie V-neck Tshirt
2) Herbie Notepad

Not bad lah for an event. Free somemore.

Anyway, had a fun time watching it. Herbie still mantained the charming adorable character that he is and even though the plot was as of expected, i can't really blame alot. Its Disney for goodness sake, u can't give rocket science to a bunch of kids to understand.

We ended the whole feista by 6 and quicky rushed off to Plaza SG to meet up with my fellow MovieXclusivers (what a mouthful..) to join in the meeting (or whatever was left of it) and meet up with Richard to watch my 2nd free movie in a row: Land Of The Dead. One of the perks of being a team of MovieXclusive. Yay~

Argh!..they're coming!~

Romero's 4th installment of the zombie series was somewhat of a let down. Sure it has its gore, its fright sequence and cool effects but it somehow lost its horror touch and practically didn't scare me much. Somehow for those who aren't familiar with his works, you'll feel like you've been dumped into the middle part of the story and ended before it really ends.

Well, thats because its an ongoing process. There will always bee a part 5 or 6 or 7 or 132. Thats the beauty of it. Its a cash flow for those filmmakers who have no single creative idea to film and zombies would be the perfect plot to surround with.

Sorry Richard, i know u wanted to make a zombie Singapore movie, but, i think its overated. But if you did manage to film one, do send me a ticket to the premiere yeah?


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