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Posted by Lokman Salikoon

As playwright/director/actor, I have adapted William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, thrown in a dash of Antony and Cleopatra and adding touches of my own elements here and there. It will be in Modern English and yes, I've stuck to the very core and essence of the original play.
So, if you like Shakespeare, you should come.
If you're taking Literature and learning about the Twelfth Night or King Henry, you should come.
If you're watching the staging of Macbeth and Othello in August, you should see this too.
If you love the stage, come.

Its been ages since i saw a play and finally i've rekindled my desire of stageplay. For those who aren't really or new to stageworks, its pretty much like a movie, except its live. Nothing really thrills like seeing live acting (or seeing someone fumble up and make a mess + embaressment. Hah). I still remember my very 1st exposure to theater back in secondary school, learning Shakespere's Midsumer's Night Dream. I had a blast.

Ides of March, directed by Shaiful, was a total success. There hits and misses throughout, but kudos to him for setting up a quite impressive production. There were times i cringed whenever the spotlight was on certain people which would cue a song to come bursting out...oh... did i mention it's a musical? A little off-key at times, but it didn't matter. Various acting were rather well protrayed especially "Mark Anthony" incidentally played by a girl~ If only i had a flowers to send it to her at the closing....Swoon~

Looky! Shaiful acts as well!~

Anyway, there could have been more pics to show but i had refused to drag-around my pro cam and this tiny one i brought along didn't do too well for stage shots. And what's even worse, my batt ran out of me halfway. As someone told me, "How unprofessional.."


PS: Best stuntwork goes out to Shaiful for his backbreaking "thrown-off-the-stage" sequence. Literally. Oh not forgetting the finale war sequence as the revengeful rampaging messenger. From where i was sitting ( really far back..), i could see his burning eyes, wanting to kill. Not bad aye? He directs and acts well.


sad that I had to miss this one because the army beckoned :(

looking at the pics, I knew it was a blast! wish there were more pics though :P

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