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Ok, its been quite a while since i updated this blog of mine. Alot has been happening the past few days and i just didn't have time to jot them down. So now its time to rewind and let me give u a roll down on the happenings.

Saturday, 11AM: Queensway Shopping Center

Richard and i headed down to Queenways Shopping Center to check out the bargain custom made embrodiery polo for MovieXclusive. Recently we've checked high and low, seeking prices ranging from $23 to $28 but eventually managed to settle for something unique and cheap. Incidentally, this was also the place where richard did his own tshirt where they actually made a major mistake on the printing. Am i asking for trouble or what? Anyway, out of good will, i've decided to go ahead with them and hope for the best.

Kinda made a mock-up of the polo-T above. Its almost like an Adidas (stated by Linus), with it's white (or black) stripe on the shoulder and sides. Also, theres no buttons infront! Looks cool though..but i wouldn't know how well it looks like when worn. Double good luck to me man!

2PM: The Art House

It was quite a coencidence that i was talking to richard on friday and while talking about the plans going to queensway for check out the polo-t, i found out that he was actually catching a show called Zombie Dogs. I've read about this flick ages ago and now i've finally gotten a chance to see what the hoohaa was all about.

Ok, get this. Its about a movie about a grubby film maker who wants to make a snuff film. A totally weird movie if u ask me. It had balls and intention cos i knew where he was going with it but he was so caught-up with his visual and intertwining messages with overlapping subplots , that it endded up looking like a mess. A Complete WTF. Sad. When will i ever see a truely well singapore made film. Sigh...

Anyway, we ended our trippy visuals by 4 and headed out to Orchard to hang till it was time for us to meet the rest of the cast of movie kakis (yes another one..) to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

6PM: Plaza Singapura

I had a total blast watchig this madcap movie. I have to admit, it is rather a weird (another one??) movie. But it has all the elements of fun and visuals of a kid. Kudos agian to Tim Burton. Personally, i'll give it a 3.5/5 for the fun.

930PM: Pizza Hut : Plaza Singapura

Heads up folks! Pizza Hut at Plaza Sg is now officially my favourite outlet. Especially if u come on late night on a weekend. Why? I'll tell you.

First off, after our orders, we waited patiently for our food, thinking it might come late because of the crowd. Our soups came and drinks came. Some starters arrived and we began digging in. That where we realised a plate of garlic bread sitting there quietly. Questions were asked around of whom it belonged to, but non owned up. Fortunately, our receipt came early as well and we checked. Nope. No garlic bread. Being the devils we were, we kept mum and happily ate it. Then a basket of Calimari came. Didn't we just finished a basket already? We noded an approval and digged in. Our pizza (1 of 2) came, awaiting for the 2nd to come. To our surpirse, yet agian, upon finishing ur 1st pan, a 3rd came! Ok, we had to come to a stop of this, fearing it might belong to someone else. I mean a small basket of side orders isn't a big deal but a whole pizza? Thats nuts! We told the mistake and away it went. Minutes later, a waitress came to sorted out the mix-up. Apparently, we didn't realise that we were digging in a wrongly served pizza which was smaller in size (we were hungry..we didn't notice..can't blame us..) . We gave a "blur-blur" look at each other and apologied about the mistake. What a surprise indeed when she said she didn't mind and gave us the pizza we ordered originally! Thats a free medium pan mind you. That night, i was so full, i could skip lunch the next day.



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